Four richest counties are all suburbs of DC

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New census data confirms that the country’s four richest counties are all located in the Washington DC suburbs.

They are Loudoun County, Va., where the median household income was $125,900 in 2015; Falls Church City, Va., where it was $122,092; Fairfax County, Va., where it was $112,844; and Howard County, Md., where it was $110,224.

The Census Bureau treats independent cities such as Falls Church, Va., as the equivalent of a county when calculating its median household income statistics.

Nationwide, the median household income in 2015 was $55,755, according to the Census Bureau. That means the local median household income in each of the nation’s three richest counties—all of which are Washington suburbs in Northern Virginia—are more than twice the national median household income.

I must note the income disparity again. Federal workers routinely earn more than twice as much as the national average. Moreover, it gets worse. Of the top 20 richest counties, 9 are in the DC area.

And the elites in Washington wonder why they seem out of touch? They are so removed from normal life it is as if they live in a science fiction movie. Moreover , this census data illustrates again that all their claims about wanting to help the poor are actually lies. What these Washington bureaucrats and politicians are really doing is lining their own pockets, even as they pick the pockets of people nationwide who are much poorer then them.



  • LocalFluff

    And this is how they voted:

    District of Columbia (3) Clinton 92.8 Trump 4.1 Johnson 1.6

  • wayne

    Good researching– they should call D.C. the “Imperial District.” (I’m surprised DJT received 4.1%, it’s generally ‘like’ 98% democrat vote from DC.)
    (None of the upper level Fed employees actually live in DC., they commute from the suburbs.)

    It gets worse.
    Virginia used to be a solid Republican stronghold, but all the leftists have moved in and taken over.

    The Governor is piece of work– he tried to do a blanket-amnesty for convicted Felons in Va., so they could all vote for HRC. The Court struck it down, and then he started to individually sign amnesty orders for the felons. ( he’s an X bag-man for HRC, “alleged.”) His office even bought 3 of those “auto-pen” machines so they could “sign” as many orders as they could before November.

    My daughter lives in one of those 4 Counties, but she’s private-sector. (Big Pharma, but in R&D)
    They just built a brand new High School and Library nearby her subdivision. (In contrast, I make good money but I could not afford her property taxes or her house. She could have bought 3 houses in Michigan for the price of her home in Va.)

    The whole Zone is one gigantic boom-town. I’ve never seen so much construction in my entire life, and it doesn’t stop, ever. The housing-collapse, didn’t even register in that area.
    Mr Z is absolutely correct with the “…. so removed from normal life it is as if they live in a science fiction movie,” thought.

    There was a time— government employees made considerably less than the private-sector, but they had job security. Then they all got super-greedy and engineered above market pay-rates, gold-plated insurance (they’re all exempt from socialized medicine) and they have employment for life.
    “Good work, if you can get it.”
    But all us “peasants” in fly-over Country, are getting wise to their scams and we are sick of it all.

  • ken anthony

    ‘Getting wise’ means nothing without action. Going soft on the (domestic) bad guys amounts to treason.

  • wayne

    ken anthony–
    –doing all I can!

  • Cotour

    Related because it has to do with elite thought process about “climate change” and DC is elite:

    Whats wrong with “climate change”?

    L. Decarprio, Actor: “”There are a few, very prominent people that still deny the overwhelming conclusions of the world’s scientists that climate change is LARGELY HUMAN-CAUSED (emphasis mine :) and needs immediate urgent attention,” he told a U.N. awards ceremony on Friday evening.”

    There are people who hear or read these ridiculous statements and believe what they hear or read. Human beings do not “largely” control the earths climate. Human activities have some measurable (or not) degree of influence on the earths climate but we certainly do not control it or influence it to the degree that is portrayed by such people as politicians or Hollywood actors. Human beings could not increase the temperature (or lower it) or “adjust” the climate of the earth even if all of the country’s of the world got together in order to do so.

    Purposefully and ignorantly misleading media, all in pursuit of a political agenda IMO. Talk about pollution in general and better practices / higher technology and then you are on the road to doing something about something, but this is just the ignorant elite leading the gullible.

  • Cotour

    To my point:

    It takes an extreme situation to illustrate my point, the Chinese are sooo out of control that they are essentially killing themselves with their ambition.–finance.html

    It gets to a point where some actual action must be taken related to pollution to effect some kind of real change related to the “climate” in Beijing. Clean up pollution in all of the forms that it presents itself and we are all on the road to an improved existence.

  • Edward

    wayne wrote: “There was a time— government employees made considerably less than the private-sector, but they had job security.

    It wasn’t just job security but also earlier retirement with better benefits than in the private sector. These three elements were supposed to make up for the lower salaries paid in the government sector.

    In California, the Governor Davis (January 4, 1999 – November 17, 2003, when recalled — good riddance) increased the retirement benefits as well as the salaries. Now, working for the government is the best job! Better pay, benefits, and retirement than the private sector.

    Who would ever be foolish enough to get a productive job when the rewards and job security of being an unproductive government employee are so much better?

    In the private sector you have to work hard; in the government sector you can get away with hardly working.

  • Tom

    Just a point to remember the majority of Federal employees in the field, LEOs, DOD, etc… don’t make those huge salaries its the upper level bureaucrats and managers who do and are based in DC, not the agent on the border or in the field.

  • wayne

    I do empathize with your point. The DC metro-plex is at the high end of the curve, but it is, illustrative of the overall Problem.

    –Never been a Fed-employee myself, but have worked multi-year stints for the State & County. I was over-paid & forced into a public-sector union, both times. And it was hard to get in with the government, everyone and their brother wants those jobs.

    The General Schedule scale is at–
    -Everyone else (fed employees) is covered under the Federal Wage System.

    (I do think the Military is under-paid and would support increases, primarily so they aren’t bidding for labor at the low end of the distribution.)

  • BSJ

    And a billionaire President with a billionaire cabinet will change this, how?

  • wayne

    Excellent point.
    I don’t fault DJT on his wealth, but he doesn’t pump his own gasoline & he never has.
    HRC– she doesn’t even know which side of her limo, the gas tank is located.

    “We’re in the Money
    Gold Diggers of 1933

    [next stop— $1 trillion borrowed for “infra-structure.”]

  • Garry

    Law enforcement officers, firemen, and the like may not make huge salaries, and many of them provide vital functions, but in many cases their pension plans put a huge strain on state/local finances and operate under inherently unfair rules.

    Many work on a system such as: the size of your pension is determined by your pay over your most lucrative years. Because of this, many police/fire departments give as much overtime to its members who are going to retire within 3 years, to artificially raise their pay over their last 3 years.

    The public loses, because (1) the odds go up that when a first responder is needed, he/she does not perform optimally, because of fatigue from working too many hours (2) the pension burden is huge

    The other members of the union lose, because, for example, a young policeman with a growing family and a relatively low salary can’t get overtime, which could otherwise be a great help financially.

    Of course, in many cases there’s far too much overtime allocated period, and the public would be better served by reducing or eliminated overtime by having more full-time members, or fewer on duty, but that’s another topic.

    Of all the talk about Trump rescinding executive orders, I haven’t heard a peep about rescinding Kennedy’s executive order that approved public employee unions, a measure I think could do a huge amount of good. I suspect that it would take more than an executive order, but I’d love for Trump to start the conversation.

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