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If you have any doubts that the campaign by homosexuals and the government to destroy Christian businesses is not a bigoted attack on religious people, read this article.



  • Pythagorus Phoenix

    Dear Sir,

    I wish you’d stick to astronomy and science and stop going on about how homosexuals are busy trying to destroy Christians just because they want to be treated the same as everyone else.

    Please note that I am not suggesting that you “shut up,” as the article you posted suggests. I am simply saying that your wonderful site Behindtheblack would be a lot more enjoyable without the anti-gay commentary. If it is important to you, though, to keep infusing your interesting astronomy/science observations with your anti-gay rhetoric, then by all means keep doing it. There are plenty of other sources of interesting astronomy/science observations to be found online.

  • You obviously haven’t read much of my site, or looked into this subject very much. You surely haven’t clicked on the link I provided on this post. This unwillingness to see the evidence I am presenting does not do much to sell your point of view.

    I am not “anti-gay”, as you accuse me, the typical tactic of the left to name-call. I wholly support their right to live their lives as they wish, and would be equally opposed to anyone trying to oppress them. This is why I oppose Islam so strongly: it desires to kill all homosexuals, and it is doing it now, on a daily basis, in every country where it has control.

    What I cannot tolerate is the abuse and oppression of others by the homosexual movement, because these others just happen to disapprove of their behavior. In case you don’t understand me: In a free society the gays have the right to behave as they wish. Christians also have the right to disapprove and refuse to participate in that behavior.

    This isn’t rocket science. Too bad too many people on the left, and in the homosexual community, can’t seem to figure it out.

  • Jordan A Rodriguez

    Bob: I appreciate your observations on astronomy and the culture. It’s encouraging to know there are men of science who are also sensitive to rights of conscience. Thanks for everything you do.

  • Ted Savas


    Pithy points. Let me add one more observation I have not yet heard fully mentioned or explored.

    Homosexuals were long persecuted (and prosecuted) in this country for their way of life, their beliefs, and their desire to be left alone with those beliefs.

    Now, the same homosexual community is persecuting and pressing for the prosecution of everyone who does not ACTIVELY engage in the advocacy and primacy of their way of life.

    In other words, the Gay Mafia is now engaging in the same behavior homosexuals lamented for so long, and are doing it against the citizenry that has given them the rights they so long sought (while using the machinery of “freedom”–the courts, etc.–to eradicate parts of the Constitution that just gave them what they wanted).

    We have come full circle.

    Anti-gay? No. I am anti ANYTHING that is IMPOSED upon me. Indeed, I don’t want anything I favor imposed upon society.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Gregg Raffelovich

    I agree with the perspective that it’s okay to not accept the behavior of others in society, while supporting their right to engage in it. There are examples everywhere.

    Homosexuality is pretty much a protected class now, a goal that has been achieved, though many disagree on the relativity with traditional protected groups: women and racial minorities.

    In this article and others, one can observe far-left advocates for gay rights frantically searching for targets to aim administrative/political power like a canon against any personal objections voiced by citizens. The broader population needs to be aware of this and judge with clarity the level of danger posed today and what may evolve later if permitted.

    This effective strategy appears to be used to advance many other sacred causes of the far left, that is, to marginalize, silence and now criminalize free speech. Opinion that doesn’t fit the agenda of an increasingly militant minority bent on any change that widens the gap between citizens, their institutions and traditions.

    Hopefully more people will start to see the dangers. How ironic that the principles of free speech championed by advocates for 60 years to defend the rights of others, are now being turned against the citizens, to squelch free speech deemed unacceptable by the new left. That power made all the more potent and dangerous, amplified beyond real numbers 100 fold through a mastery of the internet and a *est. 60%-75% of the media industry mostly sympathetic the same ends.

    *Made clear through several ongoing industry surveys. Search the net.

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