Gays ban Jewish banners in upcoming march

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They are so inclusive! The organizers of Chicago’s upcoming “Slutwalk Chicago” demonstration (that’s their name for it, not mine) have decided to ban any “Zionist displays” at their event.

The ban was announced this week on social media by the organizers of SlutWalk Chicago — part of an international protest movement that “fights rape culture, victim blaming, and slut shaming.” The Chicago event is set to take place on August 12.

“We still stand behind Dyke March Chicago’s decision to remove the Zionist contingent from their event, & we won’t allow Zionist displays at ours,” the organizers tweeted last Sunday — beginning several days of exchanges with other users over the policy. These were distinguished by the organizers’ continued insistence that anti-Zionism is a legitimate progressive belief, and that any linkage with antisemitism should be dismissed as a discrediting tactic.

In one exchange defending the Dyke March decision to exclude the Jewish women, the SlutWalk organizers aggressively justified the action, declaring: “They were kicked out after a discussion where they made their Zionist beliefs known and refused to back down.” The Star of David flag was banned, they continued, “because its connections to the oppression enacted by Israel is too strong for it to be neutral & IN CONTEXT it was used as a Zionist symbol.”

The references to Dyke March Chicago above refer to the decision by that earlier gay parade to ban a pro-gay banner that also supported Israel.

I am old enough to remember the to-do in New York City when a homosexual group wanted to march and display their pro-homosexual banners in the Catholic St. Patrick’s Day parade. The parade was ordered by the courts to include the homosexuals, even though such behavior is considered a sin in Christianity. Will the courts order the organizers to include a pro-gay/pro-Israel banner in this march? I doubt it.

I also wouldn’t want the court to do it. These demonstrators should have the right to associate with whom they want. Unfortunately, the Catholics in New York should have had that right as well, but the fascists forced homosexuality down their throat, against their will.

At the same time, we must all gaze with interest at the hate and intolerance being shown by these fascist gays. It is most illuminating.



  • Cotour

    That’s rich.

    I guess they easily forget what discrimination feels like once THEY have what THEY want. This just demonstrates that when its all boiled down its about power, the acquisition of power and the retention of power and say over how it is exercised.

    The oppressed have become the oppressors. Would they consider this progress?

    (I want to thank the web Gods for my new privilege, it will not be abused :)

  • Steve

    So Zionism is more evil than the treatment of gays under Islamic rule. Israel is far friendlier to them than any Palestinian state would be. But in the current caste system, Muslims rank higher than gays, so…

    I wonder how they feel that Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking anti-Semitism.”

    Though I’m sure any Jews who are sufficiently left-leaning enough to be anti-Zionists are welcomed.

  • Frank

    Its getting harder to keep up with which left wing/socialist/grievance victim group is in or out. At least I can be assured my old white male privilege is hated by them all.

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