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My posting this week has been somewhat slack, mostly because I am trying to finish up a caving monograph for a survey project that has been on-going for the past five years. I have also been swamped with the very last changes to my policy paper for the Center for New American Security, which now has the title Capitalism in Space: Private Enterprise and Competition reshape the Global Aerospace Launch Industry. (I am hoping that title causes a few liberal heads to explode when the paper is released in the coming days.) I am also off on another cave project this weekend, so I will not be posting again until Sunday night.

Hopefully, things will ease up next week. In the meantime, enjoy your weekends and do not get too depressed over the insanity and madness that appears to be taking over our society.



  • PeterF

    I suspect that most of the liberals whose heads would explode because of the title are uninterested and unlikely to read such work. “Think Triggly puff?”

  • wayne

    I can’t resist…
    “UMass Trigglypuff ” The Campus Reform Cut

    You do have a point as far as general audience (Policy Papers) but these think-tanks do keep track of each others work & try to get their own material to every staffer & office on Capital Hill, and affiliated lobbying organizations & Industry folk.
    (In my humble opinion, it would be helpful if the CNAS folks would upload the video of that Conference Mr. Z attended in conjunction with issuing the formal paper. And a nice segment on Louder with Crowder…)

    Looking forward to reading the policy paper.
    CATO & Heritage for example, don’t do a whole lot on “space,” and what they do is largely military related.
    I would hope we’ve reached a point where we actually started discussing important stuff as it relates to free markets & space, at a higher-level “government-wise” than we have been.
    Unless I’m totally under-informed, I think there is a definite niche for what Mr. Z is presenting & a growing demand to hear it.

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