Government audit finds EPA broke the law!

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A new government audit has found that the EPA broke the law with its aggressive social media campaign lobbying in support of the Obama administration’s proposed clean water regulations.

The Environmental Protection Agency engaged in “covert propaganda” and violated federal law when it blitzed social media to urge the public to back an Obama administration rule intended to better protect the nation’s streams and surface waters, congressional auditors have concluded.

The ruling by the Government Accountability Office, which opened its investigation after a report on the agency’s practices in The New York Times, drew a bright line for federal agencies experimenting with social media about the perils of going too far to push a cause. Federal laws prohibit agencies from engaging in lobbying and propaganda. “I can guarantee you that general counsels across the federal government are reading this report,” said Michael Eric Hertz, a professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York who has written on social media and the government.

I am sure this news comes as a complete surprise to everyone. Who ever heard of a modern government agency ignoring the law for its own benefit? The concept boggles the mind!



  • PeterF

    Whuuut? The EPA broke the law? Go figgur! Who Wudda thunk it? The knuckle draggers must be outraged and marching on Washington at this moment!

    What are the odds that the General acceptability Office will find anyone who is accountable?
    I’m sure at the very least the head of the EPA will announce new procedures and rules to prevent such a thing from happening again. I await CNN prime time expose’.

  • And what is the penalty to a government employee if they violate the law? I understand that there are administrative law courts at every level of government to deal with just these situations. but enforcement actions, if any, are rarely reported. The impression is that government employees can break the law with near impunity.

    Laws without enforcement provisions, particularly criminal penalties, are worse than useless. People can act illegally without repercussion, and the climate of lawlessness contributes to a climate of contempt for the laws and society.

  • PeterF

    Ah, but repercussions for criminal activity by government employees seems to be limited to climate change deniers and conservatives.

    Hillary for Prison! 2016

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