Gun confiscation begins in New York.

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Gun confiscation begins in New York.

Not only does this violate the second amendment, it also violates the fifth amendment, which states that no private property shall “be taken … without just compensation.”

I am so glad I moved out of that fascist state back in 1997.



  • JWing

    We moved out of the Bronx in 1994 after doing our last good deed for the Big Apple by voting for Rudy for Mayor. God help New York City with this new commie mayor, but sometimes you get what you deserve. Good luck!

  • Orion314

    When they come for your guns and ammo, give them the ammo first….

  • Dale Martin

    I could smell this coming in the late 70’s, I lived in CT and it was not much better…left in 1991 for Alabama. I was a lobbyist for gun rights and the “mystic mainsprings” behind the gun laws were the insurance companies in Hartford and their underwriters and actuaries…I still have some suspicions about all the shootings used to justify this neo-fascist legislation.

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