Health insurance premiums continue to skyrocket under Obamacare

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Finding out what’s in it: As happened last year, the premiums health insurance companies charge will go up as much as 51%, as declared in the twelve states where next year’s premiums have been proposed.

Obviously this is all the fault of the Republicans for not supporting Obamacare. The Democrats and Obama were helpless because of this opposition, forced to write the law all by themselves and then shove it down our throats.



  • schwit

    Add to this that if SCOTUS soon rules that subsidies in non-exchange participating states are illegal.

  • Keith

    With Maryland increasing 30%+, the residents outside of Baltimore now have a reason of their own to riot.

  • Al

    Obamacare is working exactly as planned. The middle class gets screwed while Obama’s people get a free ride. Wealth redistribution at it’s finest with the added bonus of destroying America alone the way.

  • Cotour

    Just this morning received a notice of approved rate increase of 3.4%. Aprox. four years ago my health insurance was about $300.00 for a silver plan, I think there was a $2000 dollar deductible. That went to about $700.00 at which point I went without. Then I re bought a plan this November, $568.00 for a bronze plan with a, get ready, $6000.00 deductible!

    No fluff, no embellishment, just the reality of the situation.

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