Behind The Black Postings By Robert Zimmerman

Homeland Security has finally fired their black racist who had called for the mass murder of whites.

It only took four months.

  1. Tom Billings says:

    Frankly, four months sounds like a record time for speedy dismissal in the Federal Civil Service. My mother was supervising VA Food Services at our local VA hospital in the late 1970s. Her Department had a lettuce chopper who often came to work so drunk that he was unsafe for himself (he had at least one thumb reattached after an accident) and was belligerent to other workers in the kitchens. In all, it took 18 months to fire him, including the counseling that did nothing to help, and the union interventions in his case.

    The interesting part of the present case is that the present subject of discussion went on as long as he did before anyone noticed. It is perceived permission that allows sociopathic behavior to escalate over time. That this was caught at all is good. Any further interest in the particular case would be whether the obvious lack of approval is sufficient to get his attention. In general, the perception of permission is the worst enabler of malevolent behaviors in any hierarchical group, and in secretive government agencies, …well, …

    We are lucky he had his web exposure, and thought his permissions were sufficient to protect him.

  2. D. K. Williams says:

    He’ll probably get a gig on CNN or MSNBC.

  3. Pzatchok says:

    They had to let the heat die down before they could fire him.

    Otherwise it might look like the republicans were correct. And they will never let that happen if they can stop it.

    This will make no other news than maybe a 30 second blerb on FOX.

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