Hubble finds unexpected crop of massive stars

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The uncertainty of science: Using the Hubble Space Telescope astronomers have discovered nine new massive stars inside the galactic cluster R136, something that the theory of stellar evolution says shouldn’t be possible.



  • wayne

    Paradigm shifts in the making right before our very eyes?
    Way cool!

  • Wayne

    Referencing the “Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,”
    as noted in the Science Magazine article in the above Post– original article is behind a pay wall, darn!

    As an alternative to pay-walls, this is pretty good. Not overly technical, but “clear,” recent, and nice images….

    “The Formation of our Galaxy”
    ( Joseph Silk, Professor of Gresham Astronomy)
    (February 3, 2016)

    I love this stuff myself… What can I say?– I just DO!
    Makes the petty political stuff seem insignificant…. except they want to enslave us into their dystopian fantasy’s, wherein,…. there will be no need for Astronomy.

  • Local Fluff

    @Wayne, don’t worry about politics. If humans screw stuff up, in a few tens of millions of years another species will rise and travel to the stars. The genes and basic technology to do it is here and they will leave their traces for others to build upon. And anyway, during ww2 humanity was at its most destructive, still human population grew during the war and rocket technology advanced faster than ever. I cannot imagine any realistic scenario where life from Earth does NOT moves into the black.

  • Wayne

    Local Fluff:
    “I can’t, not worry about..” I wish I shared your optimism!
    As for rocket technology during WW-2, yes absolutely… the Germans were brilliant, but they loaded their rockets with warheads.
    Fortunately, we snatched Werner Von Braun before the Russians got him!

    Don’t know who said this, referring to our rocket development, Space Program, & competition with the Russian commies;

    “Our German’s were better than their German’s!”
    (With full apologies to Dr. Robert H. Goddard!)

    Tangent– I sent a complimentary email to the people at Gresham College in the UK– they only have 6 F-T staff to run the whole place!
    “The College was established out of the Will of Sir Thomas Gresham, one of the most influential and important men across the Tudor and Elizabethan periods.”

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