‘Human-rating’ document hits the Web with new name

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O joy! NASA, in releasing its preliminary regulations for “human-rating” a manned spacecraft., has also given the regulations a new name. They should not be called “human-rated.” This should solve everything! Also:

The five 1100-series documents outline mandatory crew transportation certification requirements, technical, safety and crew health specifications, the roles of NASA and industry and how to achieve government certification, design reference missions and goals for a space station human transportation system, and ground and flight operations processes. While the broad certification document released Dec. 10 only runs 39 pages, the 1100-series specifications reportedly run hundreds of pages each.



  • Jim Wing

    Interesting….NASA is morphing into a regulatory agency for the budding private space industry with a pro Islamic consciousness and a global warming mission statement. How’s that for a “Prime Directive”?

  • G’day,

    Here’s my one sentence human rating requirement which I think if anything, would be tougher then NASA’s:

    “It will be a requirement that the final test of the spacecraft will be a successful full orbital flight and recovery of the spacecraft with a company director of the spacecraft’s manufacture on board.”

    that should do it.

    Also if I was a politician overseeing NASA I would demand to see the full 5 volume certification or the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle spacecrafts.



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