“I wanted the Affordable Health Care Act. The problem is, is it’s not affordable,”

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An Obama supporter finds out what’s in it: “I wanted the Affordable Health Care Act. The problem is, is it’s not affordable.”

I would laugh except that I am crying. Moreover, the article is from a San Francisco media outlet, which is as surprised as this Obama supporter at the cost of Obamacare. Too bad these liberals all considered conservatives and tea party people terrorists, murderers, and hate-filled killers of small children and therefore not worth listening to back in 2009. Had they listened, they would have found out about the unworkable nature of this law then, instead of now, and the law would never have been passed.

They should maybe consider this reality and recognize that this is why there are Republicans putting up a fight now to delay or defund the law.



  • joe

    One word, KARMA!

  • mike shupp

    Hmmm. Her family doesn’t qualify for subsidies. How sad!

    I don’t know the size of Cynthia Jaynes family, but for the sake of the argument, let’s say 4 people. By statute, the poverty line for a 4 person family is 23.500 dollars. Obamacare subsidizes health insurance costs for people with income under 4 times the poverty level — 94,000 dollars in this case — to cut insurance costs to just under 10%, which would be about 9000 dollars,

    Now, a couple years ago, I got fired and hand no income at all and the best offer I had insurance was COBRA coverage at about 950 bucks per month, and I’m a single guy. Y’know what? I understand you’re in tears considering Ms Jaynes sad plight. But I’m not.

  • Pzatchok

    Are the new massive deductibles and copay’s covered by federal subsidies or just the premiums?

    Quite frankly I have better coverage coming from my work. With a lower deductible limit.

  • wade

    i have Not had any insurance since 1995. when i go to a doctor I pay cash. recently i had an Incident where i fell and cut my arm including a pierced artery. all Tallied. the Bill comes to $3200 plus Interest, they are collecting Gangster Money on a Medical Expense. many Shame on to Them.

  • wade

    i agree with Mr. Shupp. we are Paying corporate gangsters for so called health care.

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