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In a spacewalk earlier this week, two Russian astronauts on ISS successfully installed the commercial UrtheCast cameras.

The cameras cost $17-million and are capable of beaming down images and high-definition video from the Russian part of the ISS to UrtheCast, a small Vancouver company that struck a deal with the Russian space agency to have its devices blasted into space on a Soyuz rocket and installed in exchange for imagery captured over Russia.

There had been a problem installing these cameras on an earlier spacewalk last month, so this was the second attempt.

Once operational, these cameras will also provide a continuous and free live feed of the Earth for anyone who wishes to view it.

  1. geoffc says:

    Does UrtheCast pay for install time, by the cosmonauts?

    • I don’t know the specifics, but I can guarantee to you that the Russians negotiated a deal. They don’t work for free. Moreover, the Russian astronauts routinely get paid additional monies for doing this commercial work.

      As I’ve said repeatedly, the Russians have in many ways become better capitalists that we are.

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