Iran tests ballistic missiles

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Does this make you feel safer? Iran today completed two more ballistic missile tests, with rockets capable of reaching Isreal that were supposedly marked in Hebrew with the phrase, “Israel must be wiped off the Earth.”

The firings took place on the second and final day of a large-scale military drill, which marked the first time Tehran has fired ballistic missiles since signing a deal with world powers on its nuclear program in July.

U.S. officials said Tuesday that the tests did not violate the nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, but were very likely in breach of a U.N. resolution calling on Iran not to undertake ballistic missile activity. U.S. officials threatened Tuesday to raise the issue at the Security Council.

Well, I am so glad these tests didn’t violate the Obama Iran deal. That makes me feel so much better.



  • Wayne

    Saw some video on this earlier today. (from Iranian State TV)
    Scared me….
    These people, unlike the old Soviet Union, desperately want to use them, “first strike,” & with their nuclear weapons, to bring out their Armageddon onto us & our allies.
    “Israel,” is a “one-bomb” Country, that-is, one Iranian nuclear device would, for all intents & purposes, destroy them.
    Can anyone tell by the video, what sort of rocket this is?

  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    Just a matter of time before someone pushes the button.

  • Edward

    Tehran, Qom and Mecca are all smaller than Israel.

  • wayne

    To retaliate or pre-emptively strike Iran, would require Israel to utilize more than 1 of their nuclear weapons, where-as Iran would only need to use 1 to effectively completely destroy Israel.
    I believe Israel has maybe 100-120 warheads, & they are a civilized democratic Nation. Their mortal enemies are Theocracies & Kingdoms & fully prepared to strike them & take any retaliation on the chin. They would even welcome it as part of their Religion.

    Anyone current on how intertwined Iran is with that troll in N. Korea? They shared technology and weapon/rocket designs at one point.
    (Pakistan proliferated Bomb designs via the A.Q. Kahn Network to one or both.)

    Obama has idea’s to “take America down to 100 warheads” in our stockpile– an extremely destabilizing situation, rather than any “love of peace or hatred of atomic weapons.”
    –It would allow our enemies to join their stockpiles, to pre-emptively strike or threaten us, and still maintain reserves sufficient to strike a second time.

    (Obama hates America’s position as a “Super-power,” & is actively undermining our borders, our military, our economy, our influence. See anything by Dinesh D’Souza.)

    — I’m fully convinced our Leader’s (Obama in particular) would rather sacrifice our Cities, than retaliate or pre-emptively strike our enemies. -Obama is an anti-colonialist Marxist; he believes America needs to be “taken down a notch or 3.” After-all, we are the Bad Guy, we already nuked Japan twice, stole ALL our wealth from poorer Country’s, killed the Indian’s & enslaved Black’s– in his mind, “we deserve it.”

    Say for example; We, Russia & China went to 100 warheads each; Russia & China could team-up to use 50 each of theirs against us & still have sufficient weapons to dominate us. Throw in every two-bit dictator with a bomb or 10, and the world “fundamentally changes.”

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