IRS defies judge’s court order in Lerner email scandal

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Contempt for the law: The IRS and the Obama administration today directly defied the ruling of a federal judge, who — faced with their stonewalling — had ordered them to release 1800 Lois Lerner emails to the court each Monday.

It appears to me that the IRS and the Obama administration are doing whatever they can to obstruct this investigation and to prevent these emails from ever being seen by the public. This also strongly suggests that there are some real bombshells in those emails, including evidence that there was a blatent effort by the White House, the IRS, and Democratic members of Congress to use the IRS to harass and destroy their political opponents.

I am waiting for this judge to finally show some real backbone and declare several Obama and IRS officials in direct contempt of the court and then have them arrested and imprisoned. Until he does, the Obama administration is going to continue to thumb its nose at him, and the law.



  • wodun

    I doubt there is anything in the emails because the same people who would do what they already did would have zero issues with altering the emails they did turn over, just like Hillary. This is why it is important for IRS to also turn over the duplicate emails, so that discrepancies can be looked for.

  • Cotour

    The people and their freedoms are captives of the political process and power struggle. This particular administration pushes this to theee limit by design because there are no consequences implied or meted out by Congress, because Congress is also part of the perversion.

    Inside of the Beltway they are all before the law, and when those who make the law see it fit to by design exclude themselves from the law, for example being included in Obamacare or an agency being allowed to defy reasonable judicial orders that is called tyranny. It may be a civilized version of tyranny but tyranny it is.

  • Cotour

    For example, situations like this:

    and exorbitant fees for speeches not being considered political contributions after being in high office being allowed is all a part of the perversion and needs to be addressed.

  • Nick P

    The Democrats are playing hardball. The Republicans are playing softball and they get beaned every time they come to the plate.

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