IRS given power to revoke passports

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What could possibly go wrong? A new federal law, passed by a Republican Congress, gives the IRS the right to revoke your passport, even as another federal law will soon require many to use that passport for any airline travel, even within the United States.

What should happen is that both these laws should be repealed, now. Otherwise, I fully expect in the coming years that this new IRS power will be used to squelch opposition to those in power, just as the Obama administration used the IRS prior to the 2012 election to block conservatives from fighting his re-election.



  • Wayne

    It’s getting worse by the hour now….

    Obama & the RINO’s are on the Full-Speed Tyranny setting now, easily an “11.”
    (the Administrative State– issuing Regulations by the copy-paper box-full, daily.)

    I vote we pull the Article 5 firewall ASAP, “in case of Tyranny, break this glass & invoke Article 5.”
    Republicans control enough State Legislatures…. (even with a lot of RINO/CRONY infiltration.)

  • Cotour

    This to me is on the order of the Apple security issue, where is it written that the government MUST have all access to a persons personal information? Whether they be a criminal or a terrorist. You can make an argument that these can become national security interest issues but where does the governments right to do such things end? To not ask that question is to understand that you are always prepared to surrender your rights to your owners.

    To further empower the IRS, especially by a Republican Congress, says volumes about what is what and who is who and what their agenda and intention is. This is an endorsement for Ted Cruz, if what he says is indeed true, that he WILL abolish the IRS. In reality it probably just sounds good for a campaign talking point as evidenced by the actions of the Congress and the counter indication that that would actually happen.

    And on this issue I think Trump has indicated that everything is on the table if the word “terrorist” is mentioned. Something that is like a Pavlovian bell ringing. Ben Franklin would have none of this.

  • Wayne


    You’re up to “99.9% ally-status now. HAR!

  • BSJ

    Or maybe the states with sub-standard ID requirements will get their collective acts together…

    I would have thought everyone here in favor of requiring IDs to vote, would be in favor those IDs actually being legitimate!

  • Wayne


    Yes– that is a massive problem. Legitimate ID’s.

    In Michigan (at least in my Town)– they swiped my Driver’s License into their data-base, compared my photo w/ my face, cross-referenced my name/address, then printed a bar-code & put it on my ballot. (yeah so much for “privacy” eh?!)

    That only works however, if the State isn’t handing out ID’s/Driver licenses to illegal aliens, which they do in a lot of State’s.

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