Islamic attack in France

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Peace in our time: Even as a jihadist attacked military recruiting offices in Tennessee this week, there was also a major terrorist attack in France, with all evidence pointing at Islamic terrorists as the attackers.

The attack, three separate explosions at a petrochemical plant, has interestingly not been reported in detail by a single mainstream news source in the U.S. I wonder why. Could it be that these events put the lie to President Obama’s Iran deal, that agreeing to this deal will only make our lives more dangerous and will empower the radical and violent Islamic movement, which is as virulent in Iran as it is in the Islamic State?

Nah. It’s all in my imagination. President Obama couldn’t be wrong. He wouldn’t lie to us.



  • Edward

    I’m shocked. Shocked! How could the jihadist in Tennessee have failed to properly observe the “gun-free zone” sign outside the recruiting office?

    It is almost as though he were a terrorist with intentions of doing evil deeds.

    I’m sure that if we pass yet another gun control law, then these evil terrorists will finally stop. Yeah, that’s the ticket. One more law is all it will take.

    Maybe we can ban a flag, or something.

    I guess I should also be surprised that the French do not guard their weapons depots, but somehow protecting weapons from falling into the wrong hands just doesn’t seem French, to me. Sort of like the depots are also gun-free zones.

  • Phill O

    New laws ar OK; if, and only if, they attack a new problem. The current gun laws need to be enforced as the current immigration laws. The one law that is needed is for mandatory random drug testing of lawmakers. Obama must be smoking something based upon the decisions he has made.

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