It is worse than a Nigerian hoax email.

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Do not go to the Obamacare website. It is worse than a Nigerian hoax email.



  • Kelly Starks

    I love how theirs a warning (in the source code) that no assumption of privacy can be made for the info entered into the site – then they demand everyone enters in enough info to make the database a identity thief’s wet dream, BEFORE they’ll let you see any info.

  • Edward

    “I stated my concern that, if I am enrolled, and don’t cancel it, that I might be committing fraud.”

    Holy Poop, Batman! Is it possible that this turd of a system could cause people to inadvertently become fraudsters? So, when the government looks for those who are defrauding the system, how do they respond to the thousands (millions?) that they find? People could end up with fines (I hope no jail time) and other penalties for doing nothing more than exploring the website because it was the mandatory thing to do.

    I sincerely hope that this fiasco of a law does not devolve into turning innocent, law abiding people into inadvertent misdemeanants and felons.

    It is bad enough that there are likely to be millions of scofflaws (not inadvertent), who willingly fail to sign up for the mandatory insurance. Since the young are likely to be the majority of scofflaws (what is it that we are now teaching our young adults?), how will such behavior affect their future prospects for employment, secret clearances, loans, etc..

    The more we learn what’s in it, the more we wish Pelosi et al. hadn’t passed it. Oh, that’s right, they didn’t pass it. Pelosi “deemed” it to have been passed, which is not the same thing.

  • Kelly Starks

    So if you don’t sign up, the feds will fine you for illegal non participation in the program. If you do, you’ll be prosecuted for fraud … or RICO prosecution since your part of a nation wide conspiracy.

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