January 11, 2017 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

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Embedded below the fold. Strange astronomy and planetary geology was the focus tonight.



  • Maurice

    Robert, we should spend more time on this site on industry news. I pretty much consume most of the space news on aggregate sites, and it wasn’t until I hit Parabolic Arc that it hit me that everyone seems to have become an aggregation site not unlike reader’s digest – safe, bland, etc (anesthetized in other words). Just for s&g I went to the aerospace Corp’s site and YouTube channel, and I gotta tell you, there is a lot of exciting info there, if anyone bothers to report on it.



  • LocalFluff

    Bob here is a special blogger because he creates original content with his comments and analysis, much more than most others in the public space community. The “outreach” guys are boringly predictable. (Fraser Cain is great, but he’s aiming for children, which is good but not for me. Have you seen TMRO podcast by a couple working for SpaceX? In spite of some prominent guests, what a clown shop!) Some bloggers have a narrow obsession. Parabolic Arc is great but niched in another way than BTB. Most of its blog posts are easily available earlier on other sites and the commentary is often not very elaborate when it is not about Virgin Galactic or a few other subjects near to his heart, and then the reporting is really great.

  • LocalFluff

    To drive home my point about a blogger who cares about every post, and one who doesn’t so as much. This below is from Parabolic Arc. Without a comment. It is inexplicable as it is, still just thoughtlessly copy-pasted, as if by a bot.

    Bob Z here wouldn’t post that story without asking the obvious questions. Add some content and analysis by himself.

  • Maurice

    Well, then I might as well do it myself. The difference is, I never intend for this to be my sole source of income. If you look at folks making their living from new media, you have to produce something worth reading every day, or you lose the “eyeballs”. Newspapers have subscribers that foot part of the bill even if the contents is “man bites dog”.

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