January 17, 2017 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

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Embedded below the fold. Gene Cernan’s achievements as an astronaut, as well as other matters.



  • BlogDog

    I really enjoy your appearances on the Batchelor show. At the *very* least, it reminds me to check your website!

  • Thank you. Now all I need is some member of Free Republic to plug my longer posts there, such as today’s rover update. I can’t really do it. It looks better if someone else does.

  • Willi

    After a hiatus, John is posting schedules again on his site. But the one posted for the 17th shows Bob being on for the whole fourth hour. In the past I’ve used the schedules to anticipate Bob’s appearance to catch the broadcasts well before Bob posts a link. But, if John is going to post inaccurate schedules, I’d rather they be omitted.

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