Japan to upgrade its ISS cargo freighter

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The competition heats up: Japan has decided to upgrade its HTV cargo freighter to ISS by cutting its weight by 30% and reducing the cost to build it by half.

Without doubt the success of the U.S. in quickly building two private and relatively inexpensive freighters, Dragon and Cygnus, has influenced this decision. The managers in Japan have realized that the HTV is not efficient and could be streamlined, and they are trying now to do it.

Isn’t competition a wonderful thing?


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  • Edward

    “Isn’t competition a wonderful thing?”

    Yes, it is. It is too bad that we didn’t get into commercial rocketry in the 1980s, as Robert Truax had tried. It took a couple more decades to figure out that commercial is a better, more competitive, more efficient way of doing space, and that we get what *we* want, not what some government committee wants.

    In a competitive free market, the more efficient company has a better chance of success, and the market (We the People) chooses which products and services succeed. The other companies (and Japan, in this case) have to scramble to make their products and services more like what the market desires.

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