Jupiter’s shrinking Great Red Spot.

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Jupiter’s shrinking Great Red Spot.

In the 1880s the GRS resembled a huge blimp gliding high above white crystalline clouds of ammonia and spanned 40,000 km (25, 000 miles) across. You couldn’t miss it even in those small brass refractors that were the standard amateur observing gear back in the day. Nearly one hundred years later in 1979, the Spot’s north-south extent has remained virtually unchanged, but it’s girth had shrunk to 25,000 km (15,535 miles) or just shy of two Earth diameters. Recent work done by expert astrophotographer Damian Peach using the WINJUPOS program to precisely measure the GRS in high resolution photos over the past 10 years indicates a continued steady shrinkage.

Lots more fascinating information at the link. Read it all.



  • Jwing

    News Flash: A consensus of scientists states that the science is now settled on the undeniable fact that increases in man made CO2 levels are inversely proportional the size of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. AlGore has been quoted saying, “As goes the big red spot, so goes interstellar communism. This shrinkage must be abated!”

  • mpthompson

    Darn, Jwing beat me to it. :-)

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