Liberal editor calls for riots against Trump

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Fascist: An editor at the liberal news website Vox is calling for more riots and violence against Donald Trump and his supporters.

Vox’s “deputy first person editor” Emmet Rensin took to Twitter last night to declare that, since Trump is a racist and a fascist (in Rensin’s opinion, at least), then all forms of violence short of murder have become completely legitimate.

I hope the trend is becoming obvious to everyone: Despite their claims, it is the left and the Democratic Party who support more violence against people who are merely exercising their first amendment rights to free speech.



  • Mitch S.

    If Trump has any organization, they’ll be video recording the protests to use in commercials.
    Those protests in 1968 sure kept Nixon out of the WH – not!
    Maybe the Vox guy is a secret Trump supporter!

  • Cotour

    I think an interesting new strategy might be to not show up in the street at any event but to show up in a virtual way, in what ever of the many forms that may take. And then to document and show how the left conducts itself even when no opposition is present.

  • Edward

    Interesting that this is the same tactic that the Nationalist Socialist German Worker’s Party used in order to get into power. With them, though, murder came after they were in power, as in the Night of the Long Knives.

  • TimArth

    As an update, Vox has actually disciplined this person.

  • No they haven’t. They have merely suspended him, without saying whether that is with or without pay. My suspicion is that this is merely a fake announcement to make it seem like they are disciplining him. They hope that if they wait awhile, things will calm down and they will be able to reinstate him as if nothing happened. That has been the track record of the leftwing press for the past few years.

  • TimArth

    I certainly agree, but I suppose I was giving Ezra the benefit of the doubt, which I probably shouldn’t have. I think that is why I used the modifier “actually”. I was surprised. On top of that, Ben Shapiro makes a good point (as he always does) when, after the suspension announcement, he stated the following: “Next featured story on Vox: How Suspending Our Editor Who Threatens Violence Proves The Right Is Scary”.

  • Wodun

    $20 says the guy goes to some riots while on suspension.

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