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Link here. Read it all. The disgusting refusal of the Republican leadership to lead, to do what they have promised for seven years and repeal Obamacare, demonstrates their fundamental corruption. Another quote:

In this case, the hardliners were playing a productive role by pointing out the real policy consequences of the piecemeal approach being pursued by the House leadership. Though we’ll never know for sure how the numbers might have looked if a vote had taken place, it’s clear that many centrist members of the Republican caucus were also prepared to vote this bill down. House conservatives, if they could be blamed for anything, it’s for having the audacity to urge leadership to actually honor seven years of pledges to voters to repeal Obamacare. If anybody was moving the goal posts, it wasn’t Freedom Caucusers, it was those who were trying to sell a bill that kept much of Obamacare’s regulatory architecture in place as a free market repeal and replace plan.

And then there’s this. Make sure you read it all.

Update: And read this as well: “While Democrats lie in pursuit of their goals and aspirations, Republicans lie in pursuit of the other side’s ideals.”

I am reminded of the political situation in the late 1960s. The baby boom generation wanted a leftist Congress passing leftist laws. They had the momentum and the culture behind them. Congress was reluctant to go that way. It took more than a decade, until Jimmy Carter’s administration, before a really leftist Congress was in place and able to pass that agenda.

We are in the same boat now. The left is losing ground steadily. The conservatives are on the rise, and want their agenda passed. The problem is that Congress is behind the times and refusing to face this new cultural reality. Whether it ever will remains a question, however, since it is unclear to me whether the right has the same determination and no retreat approach held by the left in the 1960s and 1970s.



  • Commodude

    The problem with the titular “right” as it exists at the moment is the issue of underlying principles. The right (in theory) believes in individualism and creative solutions. A such, it gathers supporters who defy group-think. The left, on the other hand, in their push toward socialist policies, embody group think.

    It’s easy to herd sheep, not so easy to herd cats.

  • Cotour

    I find it very interesting when listening to the media concerning this issue, all they concentrate on is “who’s” to blame, like its a big EFN mystery. Is it Trump? Is it Ryan? Did they reach out to the Democrats? Its all a big mystery.

    I say this was a failure, and when you look at failure you must always look to the top for their lack of basic understanding of what needs to be accomplished and how to get it done and so they “outsource” (Trump) it to those who “Know” (Ryan).

    The straight truth seems to be that Trump, for what ever reason, forgot how he became president. The Conservatives that exist within his party and the conscious and reasonable people of America who voted for him and them are outraged at the corruption and perversion that is our government and put him there. The media is unable to see this though.

    All the media are mainly talking about is that Trump did not reach out to the Democrats, but the last I checked the Republicans had all of the votes they needed in both houses and at the executive level to accomplish what was needed. So to me Trump should have been conferencing with the Conservatives and reasonable Democrats (they do exist) to see what compromises might be had in order that they vote as needed. Are the Republicans going to be stymied again by there need to pander to the Democrats on Gorsuch? I suspect not.

    And that leads me to coming to the conclusion, this is either rookie mistakes or purposeful stupidity or some combination of the two. In the end I remind myself of basic S.O.M. theory and I really trust none of them, anything for the acquisition or retention of power. ANYTHING.

    In the end Trump pays the price and so it is in his court to lead, the finger points directly at him and this low accomplishment standard that has been fashioned is not acceptable. I point out once again, if Trump sits in his office and is jammed up for 4 years, that’s all good to me, he has already accomplished his main task, deny Hillary the presidency.

    This is not rocket science, and if it were rocket science nothing would ever leave the ground.

  • Joe

    I think big business likes Obama care and are pushing to keep it in place, the republicans refuse to challenge the aca in any kind of meaningful way when it is up for vote, wave election after wave election has shown that the public is against the bill, republicans keep winning and not producing. At some point this will bite the republicans as they don’t do what they say, only the freedom caucus has demonstrated a willing commitment to push against the aca, the crony chamber of commerce seems to own the rest.

  • Cotour


    I like that your comment was posted directly after mine, they belong together. I agree with you.

  • Wayne: Right on the money. I have added this column as a link in the main post.

  • wayne

    Mark Levin reviews RINO failures

  • Cotour

    A little reminder about how Obamacare came to be and why it is now a third rail, as per design, on the road to the utopian “single payer”.

    Jake Tapper on Jonathan Gruber, 2014: CNNhttps://youtu.be/tLOV4oUXawg

  • Cotour

    The Jake Tapper CNN Gruber commentary: https://youtu.be/tLOV4oUXawg

  • Max

    Alabama congressman submits to committee one sentence repeal of Obamacare. Just the thing most of America has asked for…


    So far, no one else has cosigned. No one will touch it. By their fruits you shall know them.

    From Zimmermans above link,
    “Most of all, Mark Meadows needs to apologize for not understanding what a Republican really is: a liberal who is not talented enough to run in a Democrat primary.”

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