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    Ted Cruz (also visually) owned the signing of that space bill. I don’t know if those three fingers on the president’s desk carries some specific meaning, but to anyone, even to my dog, it is clear who is running the show here. Funny then when Marco Rubio tries to say something about Florida from behind Ted Cruz’ shoulder.


    I’m still blown away by the fact that I can type w h i t e h o u s e . g o v and see Donald Trump pop up!

    It was btw the most unengaged and tired Trump I’ve seen, while he signed this and read some text from a paper. He left NASA basically untouched, maybe only thanks to Ted Cruz. No great space policies to expect Trump during the next 8 years. It’s up to the private sector now.

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    The “Orion spacecraft. Pronounced like “Onion” or “Orient”. Just reading text and there’s some new unfamiliar Greek word. 2:00 into the WH clip. I think Trump will become one of the greatest presidents ever, but he’s not into space at all. Not for it, not against it, just completely uninterested. Like almost everyone. A very good old friend, who’s much more intelligent than I am, who founded and runs a small company that develops great software, recently asked me what the Milky Way is. He had never seen it and had no concept of what a galaxy is.

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    Maybe the president was thinking about “Oreos” when he read “Orion”?
    “No more Oreos for you”, Chris Christy! (He immediately realized that he needed to excuse that in order to not sound like: “I’m putting your fat candy ass on a diet”, but that genie was already out of the bottle and in everyone’s mind). He is rumoured to have promised him the vice presidency on the phone the day before he instead picked Pence. I imagined he celebrated with his wife that one night when he thought that he had a chance to become the president of the USA one day. Waking up with a hangover. Trump really tortured Christie. Anyway, it seems to me that Trump’s interest in space flight is on that level.

  • LocalFluff

    I’m way over analyzing this, but he actually says:
    “The Oreo spacecraft raft.” :-D

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

    O Fortuna sung with misheard lyrics

  • BSJ: reload BtB. I have posted a link to this story already.

  • LocalFluff

    Your latin is quite good! (For an American). “Leaky aquariataries”, now it all makes sense to me.
    The only politician that really makes sense to me is Ron Paul. I don’t understand why this ad campaign of his didn’t make him president 4 years ago. Free bananas!

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