May 10, 2017 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

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Embedded below the fold. With today’s podcast we add to the sad tale of SLS the story of the dropped oxygen tank.


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  • LocalFluff

    I wonder if one should be so conspiratorial as to think that all the bad news about SLS now is “planted” as the beginning of the end of the project at the hand of the next NASA administrator? Dropping the tank aside, the timing of the negative revision report, the already decided delay, the apparition of the welding problems, ESA’s delayed service module for Orion could be signs of a coordinated effort to open up for a policy change here. Suggesting that EM-1 carry crew won’t help the project since the answer will be no, it cannot. The White House will of course not take on the responsibility for ordering a specific crewed launch. Such risks have to be diffused into the labyrinths of lower bureaucracy. Bob’s article didn’t help SLS either.

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