McConnell, the Senate, and the approval of Trump’s judge picks

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Link here. While there is more than enough reasons for conservatives to dislike Mitch McConnell, this detailed article shows that when it comes to Trump’s judicial appointments, McConnell’s track record is mostly good, if a bit slow.

Also, make sure you check out the poll numbers for Senator Bob Casey (D-Pennsylvania) provided at the link. It seems it will be very hard for Casey to win come 2018.

Update: The office of Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) now contradicts McConnell, saying Grassley will decide on whether to kill the blue slip rule that allows one Democratic senator to filibuster any judicial nominee. And he hasn’t decided on whether he’ll do it.

Furthermore, this story says that the first link above is wrong, and that McConnell’s office says he still supports the blue slip veto rule.

It appears that the skepticism of some of my readers is justified.



  • wayne

    Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

    “The Case Against Mitch McConnell and The Case For America”
    Mark Levin CRTV 8-11-17

  • ken anthony

    The GOPe doesn’t seem to understand what a party is not. It is not an ideology. A leader is chosen. Anyone that does not support that leader, chosen by the voters on known issues, is not a member of the party.

    The GOPe has to go. Reagan had less trouble with a democrat congress.

  • Phill O

    A divided party can not stand. Wait, that is “A divided country can not stand”! I have to admire the strength of the democrat party to get their members to hop in line for voting; while I do not like their policies in the least.

  • ken anthony

    The GOPe are part of the democrat party. The dems understand what a party is and it’s not an ideology, it’s a mechanism. Do not be confused by the fact that a party’s members are ideological.

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