Memories of Arthur Clarke

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Link here. Written by science fiction writer Michael Moorcock, the article takes a personal look at Clarke’s life as seen by one of his friends and colleagues.



  • m d mill

    Arthur Clarke could turn science into poetry as no one else.

  • Mitch S

    Clarke is surely one of my favorite writers but his personal life will leave a cloud.
    I’ve read that Clarke was gently asked to leave England if he wanted to continue his sexual pursuits.
    Apparently Clarke said that once children reached puberty they could decide to have sex with no psychological consequences.
    Sri Lanka is a different society than England or the US and it is also quite poor.
    While officially Sri Lanka doesn’t seem to have a problem with Clarke’s actions, I don’t know how the boys see it.

    If I lived in Hollywood I’d have no conflict. They can celebrate someone who violently raped a 13 year old (Roman Polanski) because of his “art” (and because he’s politically “correct”).

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