Millions opt out of Obamacare despite penalities

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Finding out what’s in it: The White House last month admitted that millions of healthy Americans have decided it is cheaper to pay the Obamacare penalty for not having health insurance than pay for insurance that is too expensive and does them little good.

Because so many young and healthy people are doing the math and refusing to pay for a product they don’t need and costs them far more than it is worth, the insurance pool is, as predicted, increasingly made up of sick people only. Such a pool is not viable for the insurance companies, and guarantees that they will eventually go bankrupt.

But hey, Obama and the Democrats promised us all that Obamacare would lower costs and make everyone happy. They wouldn’t lie to us, would they?



  • Cotour

    Lying? But its for your (and the collectives) own good.

    Bankrupt? Of course, then the only alternative is a single payer system and that’s best for us all.

    “Increasingly the call is not so much for a benevolent and charismatic dictator, but for an impaneled committee of experts to rule over our lives. Former Obama budget adviser Peter Orszag and Thomas Friedman argue openly that power should shift from naturally contentious elected bodies—subject to pressure from the lower orders—to credentialed “experts” operating in Washington, Brussels, or the United Nations.”

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “millions of healthy Americans have decided it is cheaper to pay the Obamacare penalty for not having health insurance than pay for insurance that is too expensive and does them little good.”

    I am happy to be one in a million (or several million). I, too, am a happy scofflaw, having realized two years ago that I save significantly more money by being self insured than buying expensive insurance with high deductibles and a 50%-ish co-pay for amounts above the deductible. I am healthy, and my family history is of healthy people, so I am now better off with a $20,000+ medical bill than I would have been had I purchased the expensive and virtually useless Obamacare insurance over the past two years. As the years pass, this seemingly large $20,000 break-even point keeps going higher and higher.

    Being unemployed, saving all that money is more mandatory than the requirement to buy the insurance. Not only would the penalty be far less than the savings, I have so little income that I don’t even have to pay the scofflaw penalty (less than the combination of the standard deduction and the personal exemption). Frankly, this gives an incentive to stay unemployed and pursue my passion/artistic talent, just as Pelosi suggested. (1 minute)

    It is too bad that we healthy Americans are so much smarter than the politicians — or the insurance executives who didn’t do the math when they supported Obamacare seven years ago. They seem to have assumed that we were the idiots that Gruber told them we were. (2 minutes)

    As Robert said, we did the math. We understood the economics of our household budgets and chose the inexpensive option: to become scofflaws.

    Ironically, by not buying expensive healthcare insurance, I save the promised $2,600 per year; it is just that I no longer have any insurance, especially not the catastrophic coverage plan that I used to have — whose premium and deductible were lower than the Obamacare-compliant plans, and didn’t have huge co-pays for the amount above the deductible (the heritage plan was lower price and better service). Plus, Obamacare-compliant plans treat us as hermaphrodites, covering us for both male and female related maladies. No wonder they are overpriced.

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