More chalk oppression at Emory!

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Push back: A conservative student group at Emory University has responded to the protests against pro-Trump chalk messages on campus by drawing more pro-Trump messages.

Over the weekend, students involved in Emory’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter responded to the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the $59,444-per-year private school’s social justice warriors with a new, bigger, better political message in support of Trump, reports Inside Higher Ed. The newest chalking at Emory represents the Republican presidential front-runner in his trademark baseball cap. Scribbled on the cap is the slogan: “Make Emory Great Again.”

Young Americans for Liberty also chalked other messages on campus on behalf of every other remaining Republican and Democratic presidential candidate. Some of the other chalk imagery also managed to make clever use of the other candidates’ slogans. Leaders of the limited-government-focused group said their multi-candidate campus chalking adventure is manifestly not intended to endorse any particular candidate. Instead, the goal is to buck the growing national impression that Emory is full of ninnies who are afraid of temporary, mainstream political speech that can be instantly washed away with a bucket of water and a bit of scrubbing.

Good for them. They have more courage and common sense than the university’s idiot president, who had immediately agreed with the protesters that messages in favor of Trump had to be racist.



  • Edward

    Not just racist, but scary and “meant to intimidate”. I guess they think it is to intimidate people to vote for Trump rather than for who they would ordinarily have voted for in their secret ballot.

    From the linked article of the above BtB post: “As an academic community, we must value and encourage the expression of ideas, vigorous debate, speech, dissent, and protest. At the same time, our commitment to respect, civility, and inclusion calls us to provide a safe environment that inspires and supports courageous inquiry. It is important that we recognize, listen to, and honor the concerns of these students, as well as faculty and staff who may feel similarly.”

    Translation, you may speak freely, just so long as you do not dissent from the opinions of the crybabies among the students, faculty, and staff.

    From the linked article in the current post: “Last week, Emory University’s student government announced that it would deploy ’emergency’ student funds in response to the pro-Trump chalking around campus.”

    Why do I think that “emergency” student funds were never deployed in response to pro-Clinton or pro-Sanders free speech around campus?

    Also: “Emory students from many backgrounds work hard to make our community better for all by raising our social and political consciousness around the many pressing issues of social justice.”

    It appears that not all backgrounds are included. Indeed, social (in)justice seems to explicitly exclude the justice deserved by some certain backgrounds and opinions.

    Clearly, the university’s actions are yet another brouhaha created just to intimidate and shut up certain groups or people who practice their right to free speech, just because they dissent from a popular point of view.

    I support the rights of the minority viewpoint, the Emory’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter. Whatever you do, don’t shut up:

  • Wayne

    Edward– well said.

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