More cost increases due to Obamacare

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Finding out what’s in it: Obamacare is forcing health insurers in New York to request premium increases from 12 to 20%.



  • wodun

    This is just for year 2. Premiums will continue to rise and as they do, the government is required to increase spending on subsidies. But people who do not get subsidies will also see their costs rise as well both in terms of premium and deductible subsidization of the group and in taxes.

    The costs of a good or service will always rise to the base subsidy plus whatever someone is willing and able to spend (afford). Although, I may have to amend this law with another qualifier because affordability is a free market decision and we are no longer in a free market in this industry. You can be compelled to spend more than you are willing and able to by the government.

  • Cotour

    I have been compelled to drop my insurance coverage as it is now just under $700.00 per month. An average 15% increase would get it up to $800.00 per month. This system and business model has been perverted, corrupted and destroyed, IMO on purpose.

  • DK Williams

    Hold on. Haven’t liberal pundits been touting New York as a state in which Obamacare lowered health care premiums?

  • Cotour

    Not in the New York I live in, my costs went for a mid range health plan from about $300.00 per month, $3600 per year, approximately four years ago to now $667.00 per month, $8004.00 per year, that’s more than a 100 percent increase (I think, someone check my math on that for me please). What I am looking into is a high deductible healthcare plan and a health savings account which apparently I can not buy until the enrollment period and that is in November.

    The first rule of politics: It must be assumed that anything said by an empowered politician, an aspiring politician or any government is a lie and through your own due diligence walk back what was said to where you can establish truth to exist.

    As I apply that first rule of politics to this situation I have established that the entire thing was and is a lie. One big, Liberal, socialist, Marxist, wealth redistribution, reparations, BS, Nancy Pelosi, BS, you have to pass the bill before you can know whats in the bill, BS, Harry Reid, BS, Barack Obama, BS fundamental American change wet dream.

    How low will the people of America allow this thing to go?

  • Cotour

    I back up my “First rule of politics” with some images of a master manipulator and liar practicing his craft. Let us not be naive.

  • Hugh Mann

    $700 a month? That’s a friggin house payment!

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