More members of Trump’s NASA transition team named

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The NASA transition team for the upcoming Trump administration gained six new members today.

They range from people supporting the building of Aeroject Rocketdyne’s very expensive AR-1 engine to replace the Russian engines on the Atlas 5 to academics who have advocated, like me, dumping SLS and encouraging private space.



  • Orion314

    Not clear on why are they called a landing team?

  • Edward

    Since the Atlas is an Air Force rocket, being on the NASA transition team probably won’t give much additional influence to Steve Cook, the person who supports the AR-1 over the other engine being considered.

    I suspect “landing team” is a play on words, as in a Star Trek reference mixed with a visual of Trump “hitting the ground running,” having many, most, or all of his administration’s people chosen.

    Almost Comes Close to Nearly being Kind Of Related:
    Speaking of Trump’s election, it seems that Jill Stein’s recount in Wisconsin — because the Russians had broken into the computers and changed the vote count — has shown that there were in reality more votes for Trump than originally shown by the computers. If Stein was right about the Russians changing the count then they were harming, not helping, Trump.

    In addition, it seems that election fraud is getting more attention, with more people understanding the extent is greater than reported by various registrars of voters. Michigan appears to be getting a voter ID bill closer to the governor’s desk:

    From the article: “Current law requires a photo ID too, but also allows for voters to sign an affidavit under oath that attests to their identity and eligibility. The House might have had ample reason to wonder about abuse under that system when looking at the distribution of the practice. The Detroit News’ Jonathan Oostling reports that almost half of all such votes took place in heavily Democratic Wayne County, and almost 6,000 in the city of Detroit alone. That seems oddly disproportional, given that Wayne County accounted for just 16% of the state’s total.

    And while I’m off topic, who wants to bet that the new head of the EPA won’t have, under his watch, millions of gallons of toxic water dumped by his agency into the western states’s rivers?

  • Frank

    I’m encouraged to see proactive engagement by the new administration. This is a good way to start.

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