Most Republicans fold to Boehner

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It appears there will not be a battle in the Republican Party to replace John Boehner.

Instead, the Republicans in the House appear eager to accept their place as brown-nosing boot-lickers to Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. Moreover, the leadership that likes licking these boots is getting aggressive about it:

Heightening the party’s intramural angst were new political ads by the American Action Network, run by Boehner’s allies. They began running Tuesday in the districts of about 50 House Republicans who defied him on Homeland Security last week. The $400,000 campaign includes phone calls, a few TV ads, and ads on popular conservative talk radio shows. They urged constituents to call their representatives, not vote them out of office.

For years I’ve argued against splitting off a third party, because I know it will only fracture the right’s strengths and give more power to the left. At this point, however, I see no point supporting this Republican Party. It appears they have no interest in fighting for conservative values, and merely wish to act as a go-between between the left and the right, with their sole goal being to placate the right as they facilitate left wing policies.

If we are to be led by leftists, let’s let them lead, do their worst, and show the world exactly who they are. At least then there will be no doubt to future generations who destroyed this country.



  • Cotour

    The only real viable way for a third party to come to power is to besides the Conservative wing of the Republican party someone must emerge that strongly appeals to the sane in the Democrat party who understand the insanity of the Sandinista wing of their party that is driving their bus.

    The first problem with that is that they 1. have to be worth several billion dollars and are a rabid Constitutionalist and willing to spend it, no significant contributions necessary, 2. they must have / own the controlling interest in media because the big money will not allow any coverage otherwise, and 3. Because they are so wealthy they will be tagged as part of the one percent and will offer their opponents a lot of ammunition / justification for the status quo.

    Your “final solution” conclusion about who gets the blame in the long term is a long dark road. I suspect that after the Obama era ends things will “normalize” and a degree of sanity in politics will appear. (sanity, a funny word in politics)

    Obama is an anomaly, whether manufactured by unknown powers or not, and we are going to have to live with the consequences of the peoples actions at the voting booth. We can also see Obama as a direct creation of the push back to the abuses of power of the Bush years. Extreme actions have extreme consequences, and we are in the processing of paying dearly.

    Another monkey wrench is going to be emerging next gen voters, does anyone really understand how they will tend to digest the politics that they have grown up immersed in?

  • Jwing

    I left the Republican party after 34 years voting republican. My first presidential vote was for Ronald Reagan. Both parties have changed much since then. The Democrats are now dominated be the far left wing. The Republicans are anchorless, fecklessly drifting in a course of least resistance in order to appear relevant and politically correct. They have substituted absolute moral values, that have undergirded western civilization, for moral relatavism based on the latest polling data. They now stand for nothing other than what their lobbists and donors want.

    They have become full-time career political (whores) bought and paid for by the highest bidder.

    Washington, Adams Jefferson, Madison and Monroe would be outraged and disgusted. They would not recognize this Republic.

  • Cotour

    “Washington, Adams Jefferson, Madison and Monroe would be outraged and disgusted.”

    They might be outraged and disgusted, but they would not be surprised.

    You may have hit on the one concept where the people could take back their power, the people need to start a private fund of money and buy their freedoms back. Crowd funding for Constitutional America?

  • Jwing

    I have a less expensive alternative graciously given to us by those old white racist founding fathers, it’s called Article VI of the Constitution which allows for the amending of the Constitution by bypassing the Executive and Legislative branches process through the “convention of states” option.

    The Convention of States would then propose the following amendment to the US constitution:

    An amendment that term limits all federally elected positions to some agreed upon number of terms.

    An amendment that precludes spouses (i.e. First Ladies/First Men) from occupying the Office of President as it is effectively a continuation of same ticket.

    An amendment porbiding unelected lifetime judgeships for the Supreme Court and all federal district courts.

  • Cotour

    What ever can be accomplished to change what must be changed sounds good to me, when is the convention?

    If the Supreme Court decides to warp the meaning of written English words in law like they were able to justify rewriting that same law and call a penalty a tax, that may well set the whole thing off. I think at that point the people will understand that they have been compromised beyond recovery.

  • Cotour

    PS: We all I think understand that the intention of the Liberals is to numerically create the the ability to have the majority of the people not support such actions.

    And that dependency and the obligation to keep paying to support it is what has captured the people of America.

    Its sick and parasitic but it is working and nothing succeeds like success, until it takes us all down.

  • Edward

    Slight typo: it is Article V (not VI) of the US Constitution.

    “on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, [Congress] shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments”

  • Jwing

    And the beauty of the Article V Convention of States constitutional amendment process is that neither the President nor Congress can veto it or in any way object to the amendments. Once ratified by the Convention of States, the Constitution is amended, period.

  • Max

    You guys are funny, and you’re playing with fire. Do you honestly believe that if you like your constitution, that you can keep it? (remember, this is the administration of the bait and switch)
    The first thing that will go is all those negative liberties that Obama talks about. Individual rights? They will be substituted for human rights, or like the French, The collective rights.
    In article 5 of the constitution is talking about state rights? The Supreme Court was trying to decide today what “STATE” means and if they choose incorrectly there will be no more state rights as we know it. (thank you Obamacare, the law that keeps on giving…)
    The ball now is in the Republicans court. Why do they keep fumbling it and letting the Democrats get more points? I think Robert sees the big picture, that they are both on the same team. Welcome Robert to the world of reality. The fix is in and the progressive party both left and right wing have won… Again I say, resistance is futile.

  • Pzatchok

    Keep voting Tea Party.
    Even if they are not perfect its the fastest non violent way of taking over the Republican party, and thus the Federal government.
    Vote them in local elections also. The more Tea party power at the base the better.

    If we can get a few open, right leaning conservative Democrats back into that party it would be great headway.
    Can you imagine Democrats who cast their votes the direction of their constituents instead of just their party.
    I don’t have to imagine Republicans voting for Democrat plans. I see it every week.
    It would be nice to see it go the other way just as much.

  • Max

    I agree it would be nice, but it’s also just a dream. If voting could make things right, voter fraud would undo it all. Since the hanging Chad, all voting is on computers now. We all know those can’t be hacked or preprogrammed and that everyone is honest. With the leadership of the most powerful country in the world, they of course would leave it up to chance of who would win an election.
    As for the hope of a rich billionaire with altruistic ideas and good constitutional intent running for office… Chemical billionaire huntsman is attacking sen. Lee for being a tea party representative. His son Jon Huntsman is going to run against him in the same party. (former governor who quit to become Obama’s diplomat to the Chinese then was in the debates to become president).
    I think billionaires know who lets them keep their money. Any action on their part that disrupts the apple cart will be seen as an act of terrorism and not be tolerated. Over turning the apple cart may be what it takes to force the masks to come off. But then all those think tanks, I’m sure, have a backup plan. Like a fresh new reality show…

  • Jwing

    Agree completely! If the Supreme Court decides this June in favor of Obama’s interpretation of “state” in the case regarding the constitutionality of subsidies to states without exchanges, Katie bar the door. Our Constitution’s separation of powers is moot, meaningless and null and void.

    This President will not only be able to execute the law(Executive’s power), but he will now also be able to write/change the law by himself(Legislature’s power) as well aland interpret the meaning of the law(Judiciary power). He will effectively be a dictator.

    Q: What makes this country of soveirgn states called the United States united?

    A: The U.S. Constitution alone unites our 50 individual states into one country.

    Disregard, dismiss and defame the Constitituion and you do the same to the USA.

  • Cotour

    All good points.

    The newly enriched “99%” will never give back what has been given to them willingly, and that simply is the democrat party’s strategy.

  • Edward


    As you point out, we are already losing our country. This convention is a last ditch effort to save the country. Since the federal government is not on our side, maybe the states are. IF they are not, then we have the option that the Founding Fathers suggested — except that they thought it would be necessary every couple of decades, not every couple of centuries.

    Meanwhile, the Article V option is worth a try.

  • PeterF

    We are on a long dark road and its about to get darker.
    Americans for the most part have never been fully exposed to socialism and don’t understand the suffering it will bring us.
    But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Not all democrats are brain dead leftists. People are coming to realize the corrosiveness of progressivism.
    Reagan knew this and attracted the “Reagan democrats”. A true leader does NOT need to be a billionaire. That person just needs to say what they mean and mean what they say.
    There shall be a third party and they shall be known as “republican”
    (We didn’t need the federalists, we didn’t need the whigs, and Boner’s about to discover that we damn well don’t need the republicans!)

  • PeterF

    In other words; “spineless squishes”?

  • PeterF

    Please avail yourselves of a book titled “the liberty amendments” by Mark Levin.
    It describes the basic framework of possible amendments to be debated during a STATE convention (NOT a constitutional convention) The Congressional, the Executive, and the Judicial branches HAVE NO SAY about any articles that may be adopted!
    Several of the state legislatures have already adopted rules to select delegates and as soon as three quarters of the several states have done so, the convention can convene!

  • PeterF

    Please stop voting for people just because of party affiliation. When you stand before your creator, will you be able to say that you voted for the BEST person you could to lead this, the “Shining city on a hill”?
    And don’t vote for the lesser of two evils! You still get evil that way!
    I know Reagan said you don’t have to agree with everything a politician believes to support them. 80% should be good enough. But you have to weigh that last 20%. Would you support someone that you agree with completely except for that little matter of their plan to restore slavery?

  • Cotour

    Senator Menendez and his now legal problems, apparently executed by the administration as a penalty for pushing back hard on Obamas Iran policy attempts? And this Bohner defection make me believe that both sides have enough leverage (evidence) against the other side to destroy the country if pushed to the max. At the moment the balance is to the Democrats favor and they are playing it for how ever long as they can.

    I suspect that the republicans have more in their closet , much, much more, and they are being dominated by the existence of it. Possibly never to recover from their sins, for which the people will pay for forever.

  • Max

    A state convention is being talked about right Now in the Utah legislature. The progressives, “count my vote”crowd that want to abolish primaries, and lobbyists are the most excited about it. I believe it to be a trap, not the way out that you all seem to believe it is. I used to be hopeful that we could use The convention and the rule of law to keep politicians from usurping authority over us. But now I no longer believe it because it’s been hijacked by the left.
    Was it Thomas Paine who said we need to hang together or surely we will hang separate?
    That is exactly what the Democrats have done with Obama, and they will continue along with the progressive right party, who is in charge at this time, to remain in power by the ultimate political take over the country in a State convention coup. they have no choice because most of them are guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors… To right out treason!
    They’re hoping this coup can come off without bloodshed, but aren’t they arming all the federal police and Forest Rangers and IRS with military grade weapons and millions of rounds of ammo just to be on the safe side? After all, Federal workers must defend their pensions.
    Who do you think they’re preparing to war against?

  • Cotour

    I tend to agree with your theory. The Dems are pushing back just as hard and just as un Constitutionally and pervertedly as the Republicans did in the Bush administration and this political battle is for all of the marbles.

    The Dems are so very over the constraints and concepts of the Constitution and they are better communicators and manipulators of the meanings of words, they bend them to their purpose much better than the Republicans. This is the bloodless coup, the velvet revolution where the size of the government is purposefully made bigger and bigger to the point where its “TOO” big to fail, a concept that has proven to work well for the biggest banks in recent times. A government of by and for the government, the Constitution is just the vehicle that got the government used to drive it to where it is today.

    Watch this clip between Chris Wallace and Lanny Davis, all of a sudden the precise meanings of words are very, very important, but not apparently very important in the argument before the Supreme Court related to the words used in the text of Obamacare.

    If this case is lost because of this amorphous ability to define the English language to further a political agenda then our Constitution and the peoples freedoms have been fatally
    wounded and we are possibly permanently captured and live only to further its agenda and pay its bills.

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