Behind The Black Postings By Robert Zimmerman

NASA announced yesterday plans to launch by 2020 a twin rover of Curiosity to Mars.

Though it makes sense to use the same designs again, saving money, I must admit a personal lack of excitement about this announcement. First, I have doubts it will fly because of the federal government’s budget woes. Second, it is kind of a replacement for the much more challenging and exciting missions to Titan and Europa that the Obama administration killed when they slashed the planetary budget last year.

  1. Kelly Starks says:

    And by then the fleet of support sats for Mars exploration will likely be dead – seriously hurting the rovers ability.

  2. wade says:

    by Then, all of us of opinion will likely be dead. i think, on the Broad Scheme of things, based on past history that i lived under , there exists a Grand Deception in our midst . as yet, i dont have proof beyond the fact that Bundles of Funding is going out, with little and I mean Little return for the Buck.. so help me, publicized programs appear as a rouge for what they are Really spending on. as an example, we invaded Iraq these Many Years Ago to defend Kuwait. then they say, ” our troops are coming home” while They only Re-Deployed them to Afgananstan and shuffled the deck. the Same exists with the Worlds space programs. there is an Agenda here, to funnel the World Government monies into the Abyss.

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