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Back to the future: NASA engineers today test fired a major component of a refurbished Saturn 5 engine.

  1. Pzatchok says:

    I like this.

    Basically dropping back and punting.

    They know they have an engine that will do the job. In case they have to use it it will be finally be available.

    Rebuilding and then redesigning the engine using modern computer modeling and materials.

    The only problem I see the HUGE amount of fuel needed by these engines to reach their intended altitude. These engines were not intended to reach orbit. Different engines were used to do that.

    I still think multiple, improved and upgraded solid rockets like we already have, is the way to go for first stage thrust.
    But there could be a problem with that idea with the huge payloads they want to lift. Thrust might back-up into the engine(what ever its called to engineers) and could cause the engines to explode.

    I would also like to see a plan for an eventual linear accelerator for first stage lift. Something re-usable and all electric.

  2. joe says:

    The sheer audacity of it all, that engine burns through fuel almost like the federal government burns through cash!

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