NASA’s human spaceflight program is ‘adrift’

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The space war over NASA continues. NASA’s human spaceflight program is “adrift,” according to John Karas, the general manager of Lockheed Martin’s human space flight division. Key quote:

“Everybody’s arguing, debating. We are in this giant storm with no direction, and more than likely we’re gonna get hit with more waves of money cuts. So we have to have some future plan here; some future direction — or we’re just going to get capsized,” he said.

The use of the word “adrift” is ironic, as this was the very word that President Obama used to describe NASA’s state shortly after taking office. It seems to me, however, that under Obama things are far more confused and chaotic then they ever were under Bush.


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  • There was no debate under Bush (aka Griffin) – we knew it was on a collision course and were just waiting for the crash. We got so tired of hearing the news that we actually started telling the peanut gallery to do something or shut up.

    Of all the ideas floated I have to say that yours is best.. shut it down.

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