New astronomy webpage and grants devoted to next year’s eclipse

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The American Astronomical Society (AAS) has launched both a new grant program and a astronomy webpage devoted to the Great American eclipse that will cross the entire lower 48 states next August.

The eclipse occurs on August 21, and will cut a strip from Oregon to South Carolina.



  • wayne

    Very cool & I was not aware I’d get a chance to see an eclipse of this magnitude.

  • Ted

    If memory serves (and at my age this can be questionable) wasn’t there a full or near full eclipse over most of the US in the early to mid 1990’s?

    I remember a bunch of us standing outside waiting for this to happen and it was some what disappointing. I had seen darker days during thunderstorms.

  • wayne

    Ted– (totally empathize with the memory ‘thing!)
    > there was a total eclipse in ’93. My mom & dad went to Baja (mexico) to see it– something like 7 minutes of totality. (Have some great pictures.)

  • wayne

    correction– that should have been “1991” for the total eclipse over Baja.,_1991

  • wayne

    Don’t want to hijack this thread, –but here is a copy-of-a-copy, of an actual picture, of the ’91 eclipse in Baja.

    -I have the original 24X36 print hanging on my wall. It’s absolutely amazing.
    My dad was a total amateur-astrophotographer- but he waited his whole life to see an eclipse & made the best of it photographically. (A Sky & Telescope Eclipse Tour, the Science Guest Host was Dr. Levy (I think… it could have been Shoemaker.)

  • Wayne: The track for totality across the U.S. is somewhat narrow. You will not see totality in Michigan, just a partial eclipse.

    I made reservations in a hotel in Idaho Falls, inside totality, the first day reservations were accepted. They already were half taken, and were charging about $800 per room, about 8x what they normally charge. I took it. I have never seen a total eclipse, and this chance won’t come again.

  • wayne

    Mr. Z– way cool on your eclipse trip!
    -I have no doubt you will be amazed.

    I’m willing to travel for this, if I can get my g-daughter close to totality, I’ll do it. (& we’ll sleep in the car!)
    Have amateur & pro- video of the ’91 eclipse, and numerous excellent amateur shots of totality. (including that “green flash” thing that happens)

    Ted– the only compensation I have for the “memory thing,” is the internal-confidence (Hope) that I’ve probably forgotten more than some people, ever knew originally.
    (not to be an elitist snob, I’m an average-nobody, but I’m d-sure I’m not the only one who can see the Craziness going on In the World today.)

  • Wayne: See the graphic on this page to get an idea where totality will be.

  • wayne

    Mr. Z–
    Thanks, I LIKE that path! Nice and close to me.

  • wayne

    again, not to hi-jack this thread–

    > 3 minutes of amateur youtube video of the ’91 eclipse.
    Total Solar Eclipse – July 11, 1991

    I have 90 minutes of really good vhs tape, but not converted to digital or uploaded anywhere. Includes a dinner-presentation to Dr. Levy, town-scenes, and beach scenes of everyone w/ their telescopes/cameras set up, and 7 minutes through a small 4 inch telescope of the eclipse.

    This one short clip does however, give you an idea of the setting in this little coastal Mexican town on the Baja peninsula, 100% totality zone. (There’s better available but I’m not that industrious today.)
    Excuse the quality, but the light-balance on this old video is fairly representative of the how dark it became. Happened mid day & with perfectly clear weather. (birds came out)
    Town-folk held a giant parade the night before.

  • wayne

    Very good amateur video;
    Total Solar Eclipse — July 11, 1991

    Shot through a small telescope with & without solar-filter(s), concurrent picture-in-picture view of the area, captions,…very nicely done for 1991.
    From what I’m told– “that’s what it looks like.”

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