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New data suggests that the icy crust of Titan is twice as thick as previously estimated.

“The picture of Titan that we get has an icy, rocky core with a radius of a little over 2,000 kilometers, an ocean somewhere in the range of 225 to 300 kilometers thick and an ice layer that is 200 kilometers thick,” [said Howard Zebker of Stanford University]. Previous models of Titan’s structure estimated the icy crust to be approximately 100 kilometers thick.

This means that the methane lakes and rivers of Titan are flowing across a bedrock of ice, which at the cold temperatures there would be as solid as rock is here on Earth.

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  1. wade says:

    this Stunt is once again presented by seemingly scientific thinking people to hoodwink the unknowing masses into thinking we are and always were, alone and confined , unique to this Very alone planet, stuck here on planet earth.

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