New edition of Mark Twain to remove racial slurs

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I doubt Mark Twain would approve: The publisher of a new edition of Twain’s classics is going to rewrite the book to remove the racial slurs.

Sickening. Rather than face facts, our modern intellectual culture seems to want to run from them.


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  • Yeh just listened to talk of the nation about this, kinda funny when the words in movies and hip-hop all over the place. I think trying to hide a shameful aspect of US history and culture by cleaning up scary dirty words from literature is stupid and ineffective. I personally wouldn’t use the word in my writing and I never say it, but I would never say that no other artist or author shouldn’t use it. It hurts me to hear the word but hell we don’t live in candyland, there some bad things in our past and present. Lets make a better effort to remember our history.

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