New Jersey actor sentenced to 10 years for using a prop gun

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The coming dark age: An actor now faces ten years in prison because he used a air gun that shoots harmless plastic pellets while shooting a movie in New Jersey.

Read the article. As the writer properly concludes, “no film production company of any size should ever do business in New Jersey.” In fact, when it comes to guns I would avoid this fascist state in any way possible.



  • Garry

    A minor quibble: your headline states that the actor was sentenced to 10 years, but it would be more accurate to say he faces up to 10 years. He spent 4 days in jail as his friends tried to raise bail, and he turned down a plea bargain that would have had him serve a year, but he hasn’t been sentenced yet, and it appears he hasn’t gone to trial.

    It’s horrible that it’s gone on this far, especially considering he’s a former convict and was apparently trying to get his life back together by working an honest job.

  • steveM

    It gets even worse. It is illegal to transport or use a slingshot in the republic of New Jersey. Apparently, this was a mistake in the original law but the Democrat legislature is not interested in correcting this nonsense.

  • Robin Fox

    He was offered a plea deal and refused it, so, yes, he will go to trial and there is a chance he can be convicted and serve up to 10 years. This is the same choice for anyone accused of a crime, take the plea deal or gamble on a jury trial where a long sentence is possible. Let’s hope that he gets 12 jurors who are sympathetic to his plight. There seems to be some confusion about the “weapon” that he was wielding when he was arrested. The media uses the term pellet gun interchangeably with Airsoft gun. In NJ a pellet gun or BB gun is a weapon regulated under the firearm laws. While pellet and BB guns are seldom fatal, the projectiles can penetrate skin and muscle and do a fair amount of damage. These guns are often used to reduce the pigeon and squirrel populations (not by me, however). An Airsoft gun is not regulated and the projectiles are unable to penetrate skin. They also have bright orange muzzles and would never fool anyone into thinking they are anything but a toy. It would really be nice if the media could report on anything correctly.

    My thoughts: he should have taken the plea deal. Now we will watch for a trial of a New Jersey ex-con, who should have known about the screwy NJ gun laws, waving a regulated firearm, not on a closed set or closed off street, but in public. I am anxiously awaiting for the outcome of this case.

  • Garry

    I would guess that for the filming they took the orange muzzle off the Airsoft gun (as my son stupidly did to his Airsoft gunwhen he was about 12, because it “looked cooler that way”). Perhaps that’s part of the reason why they went after him so hard.

    I hope some attorney who wants to make a name for him/herself takes up this case pro bono, publicizes the heck out of it, and educates the people of New Jersey on their ridiculous laws so that they raise a huge ruckus with their lawmakers.

  • Wayne

    All Governor Krispy Kreme has to do, is signal to the prosecutor that he will pardon him if convicted. Where’s the Big Guy stand on all this? Or is he too busy making deals with Trump to be the AG?
    As for “plea deals,” the man has a right to Jury trial. It’s a feature of our system, not a bug.
    I hope you never have to face “copping a plea.” This is a perfect example of prosecutorial discretion gone bad.
    Unfortunately, the prosecutor is immune from removal for selective prosecution.
    Unless there are some facts in evidence we don’t have, sounds like a purely political prosecution in nature.

    Highly recommend:

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