Next Proton launch tentatively set for May

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The Russians have tentatively scheduled their next Proton launch for May, contingent on the repair work being done on the rocket’s engines.

The engine repairs are required because of corruption in the factory that made them. Previously, the Russians had hoped to get Proton off the ground by April. That is no longer likely.

The link above includes a manifest of Russian launches through next year. Interestingly, it only includes three commercial launches. A quick review of the launches listed at this site only includes another three or so commercial launches much farther in the future. All in all, it appears that the Russians are getting less business for this rocket. I also suspect this will remain the case until they get things fixed and begin launching again, though they will need to cut their prices significantly to match SpaceX’s.



  • Edward

    If I counted correctly at that last link, there are 133 launches planned for the rest of this year. 28 are Falcon 9, and two are Falcon Heavies. 28 launches in Russia, and 21 from China. Only 14 are planned from French Guiana, Arianespace’s launch site, 11 of which are Ariane V rockets. 7 Atlas V and 2 Deltas (a Delta IV and a Delta II), 8 from Japan, and 7 from India.

    It looks to me that SpaceX plans to be 23% of the launches, Russia 21%, China 16%, Arianespace 11%, ULA 9%, India 7%, and Japan 6%.

    This is just for the remainder of the year. It will be interesting to see what the reality end up being.

  • LocalFluff

    Great overview, Edward!
    I’m surprised that ULA is so small and India so big.

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