North Korea restarts processing of plutonium for nuclear weapons

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Does this make you feel safer? In defiance of global sanctions, North Korea has reopened its facility for processing spent nuclear fuel into plutonium for use in nuclear weapons.

But don’t worry. I am sure the Obama administration, as well as whoever wins the Democratic Party primary in November, will express their serious concerns about this saber-rattling.



  • Cotour

    Getting the last drops of leverage out of Obama in the last months of his reign. Whom ever wins the presidency in 2016 will be inheriting the “lead from behind” / carrot, carrot theory of power administration style of leadership and all of the wonderful consequences that pour forth from it.

    This carrot, carrot style of leadership will more than likely be experienced in regards to Iran in the coming weeks and months.

    In addition while listening to the Batchelor show the other night I became aware of the tensions that are building with the Russians that no one is reporting on in our media. One well connected Russian stated that there is a real potential for a nuclear situation and it was guaranteed that if it happened that North America would not escape and would be involved. Not to mention what the Chinese have been brewing up in the South China sea.

    Just a few nice little gifts that Obama, the apology / anti American president has prepared for the next president. These next months may be the most dangerous in our history, and no one, other than Batchelor, is really talking about them at any length and depth.

    Thank you Mr. president, you know, there really are consequences to elections.

  • Orion314

    The American people get the government they deserve……and that gives me no pleasure to say that…

  • Alex

    In a wider context of above mentioned topic, I would like bring to your attention, dear reader, the following very instructive video, which display all nuclear test performed world-wide up to now. Learn by yourself about the most aggressive nation in terms of nuclear weapon development tests, the USA.

  • Cotour

    And that my Friend Alex is how it should be.

    This particular president believes that with parity there is peace. That IMO is incorrect, with parity, just like with China for example and now with Iran there will be more potential for conflict not less.

    Fear of your opponent leads to peace, this is not about what is “fair” or morally “right”, this is about power, acquiring it and holding it in a benevolent way and never having to use it.

    Let us not be idealistic or naive.

  • Bob, what do you think should be done about North Korea?

  • What I think should be done ain’t gonna happen, at least not before North Korea does something horrible and we have to react. Until then, all I expect are more mealy-mouthed statements from government officials.

    We are not helpless, however. China has a great deal of leverage with North Korea, and does not want them doing something like dropping a nuclear bomb on their neighbors. Working with the Chinese we could definitely force the North Korean government out of power, though to do so will require a willingness to take much stronger action than we’ve been willing to do. Sadly, I do not expect it to happen.

  • Cotour

    Yes, but it will probably cost free access to the South China sea.

  • PeterF

    I’m sure Secretary John F-ing Kerry (who by the way served in Viet Nam) will send them a strongly worded letter.

    We fought the North Koreans and the Chinese before. With a shell of a military and surplus weapons. We could have corrected the course of history. But without the will to win decisively, the result was a useless truce that allowed some of the most brutal dictators in the world to escape justice.

    The fear Americans hold for nuclear weapons is the result of decades of propaganda to convince us how terrible they are and that we are not strong. That is the only way our enemies can delay their eventual defeat.

    America is great because America is good. Any American who thinks otherwise has the freedom to go live somewhere else.

  • wayne

    Well said!

  • Edward

    Thank you for the video. That was very enlightening and has caused me to rethink nuclear weapons and just how scary they are. The world has detonated over 2,000 nuclear weapons (I assume that this includes thermonuclear weapons) without killing anyone or causing the much-feared decades-long nuclear winter. It seems that we have more control over these things than we were led to believe. I am much less frightened of them now than I was before.

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