November 15, 2016 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

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  • LocalFluff

    Great comment about 19 minutes into the show about confirmation bias. At least it inspired me to realize that false science, and other beliefs, are revealed by social behavior, group think. No need to know anything about the subject they are talking about. When average Joe on the street can easily predict the next conclusion in a field of so called science, then it isn’t real science but just a social political show on stage. This is so true about so called climate science and feminism and macroeconomics too.

    It is not as true about astronomy, yet, which is honest enough to accept unexplained dark stuff as real, just not understood. Such as the spacetime is accepted to be accelerating instead of decelerating. The astronomer (to use an archaic stereotype, today it’s done by some student with a facial piercing using some homemade software) looking with his eyepiece on the photographic plate, conceding that indeed he was wrong all his career. Exclaiming: How very interesting!

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