Obama cracks down on free speech.

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Obama cracks down on free speech.

In order to spare themselves the sort of critical scrutiny to which they are unaccustomed, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have fallen in with the absurd claim that violence has broken out in eleven Muslim countries, and terrorists armed with RPGs and (reportedly) mortars carried out a military operation to assassinate a U.S. ambassador, as a result of a 14-minute YouTube video. As always, Obama’s first priority is to point the finger of responsibility elsewhere.

So the Obama administration cracked down on the Christian who made the film–essentially an amateur production–which is critical of Islam, but no more so than many Hollywood productions have been of Christianity. The federal government sent Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies to bring the filmmaker into custody on the pretext that his uploading the movie trailer to YouTube may have violated the terms of his probation on a bank fraud conviction. That led to the famous photo of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula being taken into custody.

Shameful, disgusting, and inexcusable. The Obama administration is essentially attacking American citizens for the evils committed by Islamic radicals half a world away.



  • wodun

    A journalist would ask the LEO’s if they were pressured by the federal government to crack down on this guy. A journolist would do nothing.

  • When the Obama spokeman tells a room full of ‘reporters’ that a shoddy filmmaker is responsible the appropriate response would have been for the entire room to burst out laughing, then ask responsible questions. That they did not shows them to be a Potemkin village as Wodun described. They are not journalists, they are enemy collaborators. It should be more than inexcusable, it should be actionable.

  • “It should be actionable.”

    As much as you wish to take action against these cheese-eating poodles, free speech gives them as much right to be fools as it does the filmmaker. The correct action is to point out how incompetent the White House press corp is, including the media they work for, and find other sources of news. This is no different than rockets. Free and open competition works. If they can’t provide a good service to their customers they must lose customers.

  • The key is free and open competition. We don’t have that in the press even in this internet age. What we have is a fractionalization. People are only seeing the news the media wants them to see. They do this first by indoctrination of children all the way from grade school to college. Then the demonize any news source that might offer a contrary view. The result is a growing group of people that think they are educated but never actually have to exercise a brain cell. They get all the lefty jokes. It’s all they need and it doesn’t hurt their self esteem.

    Free and open means equal access. That isn’t the case in our education system or our news media.

    We need a level playing field. When they can use the courts to harass and hound decent people into a version of dhimmituded (they didn’t invent the concept after all) something more than ‘it will all work out’ needs to be done. The left with its journolist work together to defame and destroy.

    What the ‘progressive’ liberals ALL NEED is a good mugging. It’s done wonders for some of our best conservative libertarians.

    It didn’t do much for Juan Williams, but he’s still a nice guy.

  • The American Despot will always find it easier to arrest Americans than to Defend America from enemies Foreign.

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