Obama prosecutor stonewalls Congress to protect Lois Lerner

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Working for the Democratic Party: The Obama-appointed U.S. attorney for D.C. is about to step down after five years without ever acting on the contempt of Congress charge against Lois Lerner.



  • Max

    It is reminiscent of Ken Star (appointed independent investigator) who retired to an extremely profitable future, never finished his investigations into the Clinton White House. (The foster death, white Watergate, Rose law firm, Hillary’s extremely profitable stock purchase,… )

  • PeterF

    I suspect his inaction was merely to delay the inevitable presidential pardon. If Lois Lerner ever feels those steel bracelets, she’s going to sing like a canary. I suspect her contact in the White house was none other than the Iranian-born Grand Vizier Valerie Jarrett.

    I’m excited to see the fight between Hillary and Valerie heating up. Valerie shotgunned Hillary with six corruption investigations. The E-mail server scandal being the initial hit. The allegations of the White house using taxpayer money being used to unlawfully influence the Israeli elections has Hillary’s fingerprints all over it. (like the billing records)

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