Obamacare to cut tax refunds in April

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Finding out what’s in it: After comparing the annual income and the amount of health credits received, the IRS is expected to take the tax refunds from a significant number of Americans who it determines received an overpayment of credits.

Your solution? You have to be able to predict with complete accuracy exactly how much you will earn. This of course is impossible for people like me, who is a freelancer, or for owners of businesses that depend upon sales to determine their income. Such people haven’t the slightest idea what their income will be from year to year.

Also, if you read the article above I dare you to then tell me Obamacare hasn’t made everyone’s lives more complicated. Just trying to figure out what this whole issue is about glazes the mind. Trying to figure out how to avoid a mine buried in Obamacare itself is practically impossible.

But remember, the Democrats and Obama care. That’s all that matters, even if that caring bankrupts us all.



  • Cotour

    He didn’t build that?


    We all remember when the current president of the United States actually said those words, those ignorant Marxist / socialist words, and he meant them. I actually feel sorry for him, his like and their on balance bogus conclusions about America and Capitalism. While America and Capitalism have their warts the overall results speak for themselves as the above story illustrates.

    As for your points on Obamacare, I am living them and I agree with your conclusions.

  • Max

    And the nightmare continues…
    The extended employer mandate will be realized soon, they are already warning employers that their deductibles and rates are will double. (My co-pays went from $10 a Dr. visit to $65 in three years)
    If you like your health plan you can keep it… unfortunately it is no longer available. It was substandard because it did not provide birth-control and hormone therapy for men.
    I can hardly wait to see what happens to the Cadillac insurance programs Provided by government and unions.

  • Doug

    I had an increase in taxes in 2013, even before Obamacare went into full effect. I used to take the full $5000 amount allowed for flexible benefits. Between braces for my teenager and many medicines for a wife with MS, I easily spent $5000 out of pocket every year. However, in 2013, the max was reduced to $2500, forcing me to pay taxes on an additional $2500 of my income.

  • DK Williams

    Well said, Bob.

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