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  • LocalFluff

    Regarding the “Zuma” payload, I bet it is SpaceX’ own. Now that they reuse their first stages the time has come to use them, not only sell their use.

    $50 billion current present value means $10 billion free cash flow profit every year for ever after, if a discount rate of 20% is used. This is risky business technologically, politically and it is also entirely up to one single man, so I think something above 10% describes the investment risk. They really count on huge profits in the future, because they quickly get discounted at this risk level.

    Finances for the Mars colony are assured, if Morgan Stanley is representative for how investors think of SpaceX. They don’t need to go to the stock market to sell shares in order to materialize some of those $50 billion of expected future profits. They can get the money via bilateral agreements of investment. One of the owners today could put his SpaceX shares in a holding company and sell it to the stock market, to provide the market with valuable risk diversification options in a new kind of industry.

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