October 6, 2016 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

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Embedded below the fold. Besides discussing Blue Origin’s successful test flight, we also discussed NASA’s future plans for Curiosity.

Note: The embed has been fixed.



  • Some guy: The reason I am not talking about this story is because I don’t take it seriously. The rocket Boeing is claiming will take people to Mars is the SLS rocket that it is partly building for NASA. Because of its high cost I have serious doubts it will ever fly more than two times, if that. No one can afford to pay for it.

  • Localfluff

    The link does not have you as guest, and is about how Russia is taking advantage of US’ failure in the Middle East.

    Great that you are on thee show every other day now. There’s no lack of space related topics to discuss. It’s becoming a busy business.

  • Calvin G. Dodge

    John – or his site – mixed up the recordings. Right now the one labeled about Russia and war is actually the show with Bob.

  • wayne

    Calvin– ditto on that, the stream & the mp3 download.

    Mr. Z– really hoping your talk in Illinois was recorded for upload!
    slight tangent– are your JB show segments recorded/live, or what? How does that all work?

  • Wayne: First of all, my lecture in Illinois was not recorded. Sorry. Second, my Batchelor appearance these days are almost all taped ahead of time. I used to do it live when I lived in Maryland, but since I moved to Arizona it has become more practical to tape them during the day.

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