On the road, in California

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I spent the day driving to Orange County, California to attend the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Southern California Aerospace Systems and Technology Conference tomorrow, where I will be the keynote speaker at their evening banquet. Though I will be at the conference, I expect to be able to post tomorrow periodically.



  • D. K. Williams


  • D. K. Williams

    Will you be posting your speech on BTB?

  • No, not likely. I do these lectures often, but they rarely videotape them, and even when they do I don’t usually get access.

    Then again, if people are interested in hearing me give a lecture, they simply have to ask me to do it. I have a variety of lectures that I give, depending on request. Saturday’s talk is entitled “Predicting the future of space exploration, based on the past.” It is essentially a history lesson about what has and has not worked in past human efforts to establish colonies and new societies in frontier settings. I then link this to the present day situation in space.

    There are speaker’s fees, of course.

  • wodun

    Awesome. Please post something about what is going on at the conference. You know, pics of what is in the swag bag, people in costumes, different speakers or seminars you attended and of course a funny story about an after party.

    Oh, I really wished people who go to things like this would do more to show us outsiders what it is like. It may seem mundane and it probably is but I listen to the Space Show while I fish so nothing is boring if it is also interesting.

    Seriously, if I read one more blog where the author mentions going to an event like this, then says absolutly nothing about what went on or their experiences there…

  • Your wish is my command, though there is that saying, be careful what you wish for.

    This conference is an industry conference, not a new space activist meeting. Thus, the papers are generally boring.

  • wodun

    Thanks :)

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