Only 22% of those who are uninsured are interested in signing up for Obamacare.

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Finding out what’s in it: Only 22% of those who are uninsured are interested in signing up for Obamacare.

And that number has plummeted in the last month from 44%. It seems that having seen what Obamacare is like, the uninsured are fleeing in terror.

As I have noted before, Obamacare was sold as a way to get everyone health insurance. In the end, it is likely going to destroy the health insurance industry so that no one has it.



  • JWing

    Don’t ever forget this was originally sold so that 30 million uninsured got health care insurance, but as it turns out, everyone necessarily will lose their insurance by design. This is FRAUD and it is illegal as all first year law student learn.

  • Cotour

    Like all things Obama, your conclusion Mr. Z, is in fact backwards as it was meant to be. The irony will be that his name sake law will be hopefully what will defang him and stop out his overall agenda. There’s too much America in America.

    I read one observer who wrote: During Obamas administration the Iranians get nukes and the American people loose their healthcare. And wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what is happening.

  • Rocco Erne

    During the Vietnam War, Americans only revolted after every family was effected, either directly or through a friend, from a personal lost. This ObamaCare is doing the same thing. Americans are going to revolt by not signing up or flat out telling the system to kiss their collective butts. Obamacare is directly effecting all Americans as the Vietnam War effected all Americans. The Commie Care is doomed!
    (please excuse the spelling and grammar)
    A retire American solider.

  • Publius 2

    Yes, it should be “affected” in each case, but your main point is dead on. Already, we have seen stories of former Obama supporters who expressed shock that they would actually have to pay for this monstrosity. For years, I have been warning my liberal friends that nothing in that nearly 3,000-page bill would result in lower costs. Now that they are seeing the truth in my warnings, no one has yet admitted the fallacy of their original position. But it will come. This was never about insuring the uninsured or providing better quality healthcare. It has been an insidious attempt to take direct control of the healthcare system and with it our lives and liberty. They might have succeeded except for their incompetence, their arrogance, and this president’s sociopathic insistence on telling lie after lie after lie, even when he is exposed as a liar.

  • Edward

    Americans only revolted over the Vietnam War after “the most trusted man in America,” Walter Cronkite, misread the results of the North Vietnamese loss of the Tet Offensive, and declared that he was afraid that America had lost the war. It was only after that statement that there were riotous protests and loss of Congressional support for the war.

    We are in a completely different (fundamentally transformed) America, now. The government (once it was “our” government) enacted Obamacare through means that broke many of Congresses rules of order (and some laws, and even the Constitutional requirement that the law come from the House of Representatives), despite large protests against passage and polls that consistently showed that a majority of Americans did not want it. With that history, and a complete lack of street protests now that we are finding out what is really in it, what makes anyone think that Congress or the president will change things now or next year? What makes anyone think that this turd of a law will not be enforced? With any criticism of Obama — or anything related to his rule — being decreed “racist,” how will anyone suddenly be able to effect change? (Please note: this is one of the proper uses of the word “effect,” meaning ‘to bring about.’)

    I really want to know.

  • Concur. You don’t hear the Administration talking about covering the uninsured now, and haven’t for a while. I would lay odds that there will be more uninsured people than there were prior to the law’s passage in March 2010. I would say that the Loyal Opposition needs to beat this into the ground, but they have proven neither Loyal nor Opposition.

  • MDM


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  • wodun

    People losing their current plan does not mean they are losing their insurance. It just means they have to get a new plan. For some people it will be more expensive and for others cheaper or equivilant. We wont know the breakdown until we get better information.

    There will still be uninsured people because 1% tax of gross income is less than the premium tax and there will be those who cannot afford the premium tax.

    I have very little faith we will get accurate data about the before/after situation but it should lead to a lifetime of arguments on the internet.

  • Cotour

    Price is a secondary motive, having the people herded into a government controlled system is the primary.

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