Pamela Geller a non-person to the Obama FBI

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Whose side is Obama on? Though ISIS has specifically put Pamela Geller on its kill list, her calls to the FBI have gone unanswered.

This story reminds me of the fake FBI investigation into the IRS scandal. Obama was outraged by the scandal and said he would hunt down the wrong-doers with every ounce of his being, but the FBI never assigned anyone to lead the investigation, and none of the conservatives who were harassed by the IRS were ever interviewed by any FBI agents.

Here, an American is threatened with death by an Islamic terrorist state, and the FBI, and the Obama administration, does nothing. As I said, whose side is Obama on?



  • Cotour

    I suspect that Obama might not be disappointed if she were made an example of in some way. By overtly drawing the bright line she makes the distinction between the intent of the American Constitution and the creeping disregard of the Progressive American Constitution, which is the key in “fundamental change”.

    This Ms. Geller does not fit into the progressive version of America.

  • Edward

    Pamela Geller is standing up to bullies. Not just the thugs with the guns, but those who would deny her her free speech rights because they, themselves, fear the thugs.

    If we were to remain silent every time a bully became violent if we spoke, then the bullies would always win and the rest of us would always lose — free speech would only belong to the bullies.

    That the government and the press are not supporting free speech in America and denouncing the bullies, but Obama and the American press did so for France after Charlie Hebdo.

    Geller has it right: don’t shut up — even when the barbarians are battering at the gates. It becomes even more important when the barbarians are at the gates.

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